Swallowing the Camel 2012-06-23 04:35:00

Chemtrail Week will begin on Monday. In the meantime, bask in the glorious wisdom, insight, and stellar word-to-punctuation ratio of some anonymous lurker who recently commented on a 2-year-old post that barely mentions chemtrails:

“Hahahahaha!! Whoever this clown is that wrote the article, eat me!! You are either a government agent or a complete fool. Look up in the skies asshole, the barium and aluminum doesn’t dissipate like a regular con trail. What, your nightly news hasn’t addressed the problem so it doesn’t exist???…your eyes are not reliable enough to accept the obvious proof without TV validation???…Do some research before you start spouting off about things you clearly have absolutely no knowledge of. It’s idiots like you that perpetuate the BS to keep other ignorant goofs such as yourself in lala land. Wake up or shut up you moron!”

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