Surging Flu/Covid Outbreaks in Britain

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Surging Flu/Covid Outbreaks in Britain

by Stephen Lendman

According to the state-owned and controlled BBC, about 86% of Brits over age-12 were jabbed for flu/covid, 79% double-jabbed.

While the above numbers are likely inflated, Britain is one of the world's most heavily jabbed and rejabbed countries.

Weeks earlier, the Boris Johnson regime reported that flu/covid outbreaks among jabbed Brits rose 40% in one week.

In stark contrast, they declined 22% among unjabbed Brits during the same timeframe.

What's true for highly-jabbed Britain applies elsewhere.

Nations with most of their people jabbed are experiencing the greatest surge in cases, serious ones and deaths — the great majority affecting the jabbed.

On October 19, even the pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT reported the following:

Reported outbreaks in Britain are surging.

"Cases have increased by 30 percent from the average two weeks ago." 
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