Supercavitating rounds for underwater targets

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News Story Source:, brian wang
Proven against torpedoes and effective from surface or submerged platforms for mine disposal or against airborne threats, from hidden (submerged) positions. Compatible with standard link or magazines.

Typical effective range: 2200m (air), 60 meter (water).

DSG Technology CEO Jon Andre Garberg likes to think the patented rounds of ammunition his firm has developed can "fly" underwater, rather than "swim."

The bullets "fly within the bubble of air" created by their own swift movement through water, or "cavitation," he said.

The trick after that is accuracy and effectiveness, which Garberg said come from the patented tips of the DSG rounds.

The advantage of the DSG rounds over standard ammunition is that they don't ricochet off the water when firing at a target, potentially putting other ships at risk, Garberg said.

"Spotting a threat is not hard" with the advanced sonars on Navy ships, whether the threat is an enemy
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