Summer Valentine from a Satanist


What has anyone who opposes us done in the last few years to stop us? Nothing.

Despite some delays and wrong predictions, our resident Satanist
assures us that the Dark Plan is still on track.

[Editor’s Note: If I disagree with everything he represents, why do I give Fozdyke this platform? Because he released crucial information to the world, and he confirms my view that the world is controlled by a Satanic cult.]

by Aloysius Fozdyke

To The Good Doctor Stephen Thomas Ward”

Julia has done a brilliant job destroying the Australian Labor Party. Get ready for big changes in Australia. The Captain Catholic [Tony Abbott, leader of Opposition Liberals]  and Joe Hockey [next Treasurer] aren’t economists, but our people are. We provide the advice and work behind the scenes – everywhere.

did-you-think-julia-gillard-s-tears-in-parliament-were-sincere-547647.jpg(Julia Gillard, left, was deposed as Australian Prime Minister today. Fozdyke revealed she rose in the Alpha Lodge as a “toilet vampiress.”]

With the globe in debt, our programs will be accepted. That’s what this is about. It’s politics, not economics. And the battle has been a long one.

When currencies and stock markets collapse, so will societies. Seriously, who can stop us?

You’ve paid for the weapons that will be used against you. That’s what you want and we will give it to you. Sheeple deserve value for their money. You built the prisons. We will use these.

Eventually gold will be confiscated; see s. 42 of the Banking Act, 1959 (Cth). Similar provisions exist in all ‘civilized’ countries. Why not checkout the Department of Homeland Security and its power over banks? The fact you are unaware doesn’t alter reality does it? It merely alters your reality.

The Alpha Lodge has long appreciated that generally speaking, sheeple are compliant and generally speaking. That’s all they do! They’ll do what they are told even when the blood starts consecrating. We have the armed forces, police forces and intelligence services controlled.

Here’s a little question: with almost all of the world in debt, from whom are governments borrowing? Think about it.

Two years ago we celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of The Feast of Peacocks*[see Note below] and altered the earth’s energy grid. There is not long to wait. Blood will be spilled and the energy gathered and directed for the revolutions which herald the new global regime.

Duncan_Sandys_200.jpgThe “headless” man, [Duncan Sandys, left] who died almost twenty-six years later, was crucially important – particularly regarding colonies and Commonwealth matters. He worked covertly to ensure that the issues which bedevil a number of Commonwealth countries remain of use to us today. That’s why nothing will happen and the media self-censors what passes for the news.

There are only the heroic and the cowards. We are ruthlessly and soon brutally destroying the system for a new one. And we are committed and prepared to die achieving the prophecies of the Epistle of Matthias.** [See Note below]

Our Prince is the God of liberation and we will free His planet from the dross so that the slaves shall serve. “Within the temple in the temple find here the Mysteries of the mysteries.”


I have noticed, with some amusement, how people believe that for whatever reasons the Alpha Lodge will fail in it’s endeavours. So try this quick quiz:

What has anyone who opposes us done in the last few years to stop us? Nothing.

As we manoeuver economies and governments, who has benefited? Us.

When the social fabric is ripped and martial law is imposed (in all but name) who are you going to call? Yeshua?

See we’ve set the stage, corrupted the actors, control the media and have invested in churches. Whether you believe me or not is of absolutely no concern. After currencies start collapsing, the Australian dollar will really rise in value, but not for long.

All bank safes open to the right, if you know what I mean.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan and soon Syria and Iran will have private central banks. Cuba and North Korea aren’t worth worrying about. Their demise is guaranteed.

So recline in your intellectual easy chairs. Pray to your sleeping god. And have no fear.

Od vabezodire cameliaxa od bahala: NIISO! Salamanu telocahe

A.J. Fozdyke


*The Feast of the Peacocks (9th of December 1961) was all about
being able to get and keep politicians (and ors.) on side, so to speak.
Dr. Stephen Ward was a great initiate and is considered the
quintessential satanic practitioner who remained almost undetected,
suave and manipulative until the end of his time. The Earth’s energy
grid was altered on Friday the 9th of December, 2011 by magicians
working at energy points around the globe: Ayers Rock, the Flinders
Ranges, Osaka, some megaliths in Wiltshire and other locations. This
subtle, yet powerful, shifting will increase in effect, with time.

** The Epistle of Matthias scripture was discovered, translated and then
obtained from some Catholic nuns in the Philippines. This was Petor’s
work. It’s full of prophecy and the Alpha Lodge has grown since we
obtained and decoded that Epistle. I think that the nuns worked at an
educational institute, maybe in Manilla in the 1970s or 1980s. That’s
where the legends of the Usher of Desecration and the prophecies of
Vindex are foretold. Only the highest grades received permission to read
the book and study its purpose. As far as I’m aware, only the Alpha
Lodge has The Epistle of Matthias.

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