Suit Accuses New York Police of Violating Citizens’ Right to Film

The New York Police Department violates the First Amendment by interfering with people who try to film officer activity, according to a lawsuit filed by an activist who was arrested while recording the police on the sidewalk.

Filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan on Wednesday, the lawsuit centers on the case of Ruben An, 24. Mr. An was arrested on charges of obstruction of governmental administration, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest while filming an interaction with the police and another man in Manhattan on July 28, 2014.

Prosecutors dropped two of the charges against Mr. An, according to his lawyer, Cynthia Conti-Cook of the Legal Aid Society. He was acquitted of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after a jury trial in 2015. But Mr. An, an associate with the Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence, filed the federal lawsuit in the hopes of ending what the suit calls a “deliberate indifference” by New York City police officers to the right of people to film them,

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