STOP Wasting your FireWood ASH! LEARN what we use it for…

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We end up with barrels and barrels of wood ash during the burning season, but there are so many things you can use the ASH for. In today's video learn what we use wood ash for on our homestead.

Clean Wood Stove Window

Mix some ash with some water and create a paste. It becomes an abrasive cleaner to clean your window. It works surprisingly well

Cleaning Oil Spills

Ash can absorb oil spills just like kitty litter can. My husband does all of our car work in our garage and we sometimes get oil spills on the ground, we have been using some cheap cat litter, but why not use what we have on hand and what is for free? By sprinkling wood ash onto an oil spill, it will absorb the oil and allow for an easy cleanup with an outdoor broom and dustpan. Repairing ruts in driveway

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