Mikester and Andrea rocked the activist world tonight with a killer sign-making party at Agenda 21 Park, I mean Hance Park in downtown Phoenix tonight. Thank you Ernie for helping with the stencils, we really turned the tables on Miss “I want free publicity” GMO Free Zone!! After attempting to subvert our planning meeting by thinking she could dictate the content of our outreach literature, and trying to get us to furnish DVD’s and sell them to benefit her org (LOL!!) she will just have to settle for having our message plastered all over the Tempe / Mill Avenue area whether she likes it or not, hahaha!! I am sure she will not mind taking credit for our work, having attention-whored for it so strongly. Welcome to the R3/0Lution missy, this ain’t our first time at the rodeo!!
If you’ve been missing the fun of the latest activism, you might want to¬†join us on the Stop Agenda 21 Meetup!! You can find out more about the March Against Monsanto, as well as make sure you’re on the schedule to witness amazing moments in history like Mikester’s ever-so-diplomatic way of setting boundaries at the last one of our meetings Miss “$200 a table” GMO Free Zone will ever attend (if she’s smart!!). It went something like this:
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