Stewardship Tithing

Stewardship is a call from GOD. It’s about responsibility to HIM, and others. We are to give our gifts that we receive to others. To me, it’s a form of tithing. In the modern world we live in, people give money to a church in which they will never see the benefits. Now, wait a minute before you stand up and pound on the desk, asking “It’s not about what you give”…well…it is.


You see, there are more wolves in the churches than ever before. We live in an age where preachers and pastors live the good life while their parishioners live check to check….day to day. Pastors living in mansions and flying in planes that they call their reaping. They firmly believe that GOD wants them to take people’s money so they can live lavishly.
Jesus Christ never lived lavishly.
We are to think, and act as Jesus Christ would, right?


You see, it’s more than giving money. A person at my job ask me, “So, you don’t believe in tithing?” I said, “Sure”. But I explained HOW that I tithe.
It’s about contributing your time to someone who can clean their home and cleaning their home, and even cooking them a meal…or a few meals and putting them in the freezer for them to thaw and cook later.


GOD has given you unique talents, gifts and abilities. It’s about contributing your talents. Is your talent crafts…and I love doing them too. So, use this talent by giving things to make someone smile who is sick in the hospital.
But, I also told my friend at work that I don’t brag about these things. You do them and keep them between you and GOD!
Building relationships with someone who is shy, or homebound. Time is something that don’t cost a penny but could mean the world to someone.
Can you provide security to someone lives in a part of town with a lot of crime? How about donating your time to rebuild someone’s fence that’s falling down.


It’s about caring for others with no return. It’s about compassion and heart.
It’s not about earning grace from GOD, because we already have that.
Compassion leads you to have mercy, which is like forgiveness. And GOD gives us forgiveness daily. This is our mercy.

The Spirit shows us the way.
Stewardship is a part of that journey.

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