Spring Fertility Worship: Easter and Holi

Spring fertility festivals streams back in history to the first city state civilization of Sumer of Mesopotamia and beyond. Fertility Goddesses predominated the spring and its festivals around the ancient world. Even as the form of lower entity worship changed from sacrifice to church, mosque, and synagogue, the main objective of receiving energy from deluded humans through yearly holidays never changed. The majorities of humanity within many different cultures celebrate spring festivals that are occult connected. The Powers of the Darkness manipulated cultures to create a shame based entrainment of the culture. Once a culture is based in Shame, Guilt, or Fear, then the people who are immersed with the culture are taught from generation from generation and indoctrinated into the brainwashing ardent festivals. Note that mostly all celebrations and holidays that occur around the world are a form of Idolatry. The Lower Entity Occult receives energy from the worship of deluded humans.

Holi Festival: India:

In India, The Holi festival marks the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring harvest season. Holi commemorates the victory of good over evil, completed by the burning and destruction of the demoness named Holika. This was enabled through unwavering devotion to the Hindu god of preservation, Lord Vishnu. Holi got its name as the “Festival of Colors” from Lord Krishna, a re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which liked to play pranks on the village girls by drenching them in water and colors. The celebration begins with bonfires honoring the victory of good over evil, on the eve of the full moon falling in late February or March. Next day, the Festival of Colors—or “playing holi”—begins with merry-making that can continue for three to sixteen days depending on the region.
holi festival colours india2 Spring Fertility Worship: Easter and Holi
The powers of the darkness created holidays that are fun such as Holi, Easter Egg Hunting, and putting on Masks. During Holi people spend the day smearing colored powder over each other’s faces, throwing colored water at each other, having parties, and dancing under water sprinklers. Bhang (a paste made from cannabis plants) is also traditionally consumed during the celebrations including much alcohol intake. The emphasis of Holi rituals is on the burning of the demoness Holika. Large bonfires mark the occasion and to burn evil spirits on the eve of Holi.Bonfires are a common relation with different holidays around the world.

Deceptively, the historic record states that “evil was conquered by the good,” this is positively not the case in India, nor the world. The egocentric and greedy rule the world and happily view others living in poverty.

Mexico: Dpmoingo de Pascua (Easter):

Easter is known as ‘Domingo de Pascua’ in Mexico. ‘Semana Santa’ and ‘Pascua’ (two separate observances) form a part of Easter celebrations in Mexico. ‘Semana Santa’ represents the entire Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday, whereas ‘Pascua’ is observed for the period from the Resurrection Sunday to the following Saturday. Easter bunnies and jellybeans are not very common in Mexican Easter celebrations, as people are busy attending church masses. A special mass is held on Maudy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

mexico easter Spring Fertility Worship: Easter and Holi
The Easter season in Mexico begins with the carnival in Mazatlán. This carnival is the third largest carnival celebration in the world, after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. Note that celebrations with food, bonfires, masking the face are extremely common with the holidays around the world. All these holidays are based in the Occult, but on an indirect level using religion. Religions are organizations that sprang from an enlightened prophet, Yet over the years all religions were corrupted to feed energy to the Lower Entities. Vacations are quite prevalent in Mexico. Offices and schools are closed for two weeks, a week before Easter and a week after. Most of the government offices and banks are closed with only offices catering to tourism being open. Even the isolated beach destinations are flooded with large families of campers and day-trippers. Almost every major tourist destination is booked by the locals.

Procesión de Silencio, a silent procession is carried out in some cities of Mexico. Herein, people march down the streets holding candle lights in silence. Another spectacular tradition followed on Easter in Mexico is the burning of a Judas effigy filled with firecrackers. Many other countries such as Greece/Crete and Spain also have progressional festivals with a sacrifice effigy of Judas. This style of worship is completely based in the occult. Jesus taught to remember his death, which is Passover, and no other event such as birthdays or his resurrection is taught as a cause for celebration.

mexico easter sacrifice Spring Fertility Worship: Easter and Holi
Christendom justifies Easter by teaching that the celebration is for the Resurrection of Jesus. Within the four books of the “Gospels,” Jesus never taught to celebrate the resurrection, he taught at the Passover (last supper) to remember his death. Jesus also never taught to remember his birthday. In the early 4th century Constantine the Great then the Emperor of the Roman Empire converted to “Christianity” forever corrupting the following of the first century followers of the Anointed King of the Light Yeshua (Jesus). By this time, despite pervious Roman persecution, the Christian groups were corrupted from the early church fathers who brought in deceptive beliefs based on occult rituals such as Christmas and Easter.

The connection to Easter is with the ancient kingdom of Babylon. Ishtar dominated as the Fertility Goddess. Each spring (New Year) included fertility sacrificing festivals and the infamous progressional festival to the Ishtar Gate.

Easter—The Day of Ishtar—Celebrated Widely Among Cultures and Religions:

1. Babylon – Ishtar (Easter) also called the Moon Goddess
2. Catholics – Virgin Mary (Queen of Heaven)
3. Chinese – Shingmoo
4. Druids – Virgo Paritura
5. Egypt – Isis
6. The Pagan Ephesians – Dianna
7. Etruscans – Nutria
8. Germans (Ancient) – Hertha
9. Greeks – Aphrodite/Ceres
10. India – Isi/Indrani
11. Ancient Jews – Ashtaroth (Queen of Heaven)
12. Krishna – Devaki
13. Rome – Venus/Fortuna
14. Scandinavians – Disa
15. Sumerians – Nana

ishtar easter Spring Fertility Worship: Easter and Holi

The Babylonians celebrated the day as the return of Ishtar (Easter), the goddess of Spring. This day celebrated the rebirth, or reincarnation, of Nature (Earth Worship) and the goddess of Nature. A huge egg fell from heaven, landing in the Euphrates River, according to the Babylonian legend. The goddess, Ishtar (Easter) broke out of this egg. Later, the feature of an egg nesting was introduced, a nest where the egg could incubate until hatched. A “wicker” or reed basket was conceived in which to place the Ishtar egg. The Easter Egg Hunt conceived because, if anyone found her egg while she was being “reborn,” she would bestow a blessing upon that lucky person! Because this was a joyous Spring festival, eggs were colored with bright Spring colors.

The Easter Bunny:

The Goddess’ totem, the Moon-hare, would lay eggs for good children to eat… Eostre’s hare was the shape that Celts imagined on the surface of the full moon. Do not bother to tell me that bunnies do not lay eggs, for I know that; we are dealing with a legend here, and an occult legend at that. These types of legends traditionally play loose and fast with facts. Thus, “Easter” – Eostre, or Ishtar – was a goddess of fertility. Since the bunny is a creature that procreates quickly, it symbolized the sexual act; the egg symbolized “birth” and “renewal”. Together, the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg symbolize the sex act and its offspring, Semiramis and Tammuz.

Thus, it is a very serious spiritual issue, indeed, when Christian churches incorporate “Resurrection Eggs” as part of their Easter celebration. It is complete Idolatry. Young children who participated in “Resurrection Eggs” in church will be conditioned later in their life to accept the fullness of the pagan tradition revolving around the same symbols. Clearly, we observe this deception and conditioning every year.

easter fertility Spring Fertility Worship: Easter and Holi

Other Pagan Ingredients:

Easter Offerings is derived from the tradition where the priests and priestesses would bring offerings to the pagan temples for Easter. They brought freshly-cut Spring flowers and candies to place on the altar of the idol they worshipped. They would also bake Hot Cross Buns, decorating them with crosses symbolizing the cross of Wotan, or some other pagan god; these crosses were not originally the cross of Jesus Christ.

This is another instance where the powers of the darkness counterfeited a tradition that could later be passed off as “Christian” seriously compromised by Syncretization. The first instance of Hot Cross Buns can be traced back to about 1,500 BC, to Cecrops, the Founder of Athens. Later they used not just the shape of a Pentalpha star, but also the Hot Cross Bun. Another favored Easter offering was freshly made or purchased clothes. The priests would wear their best clothes, while the Vestal Virgins would wear newly-made white dresses. They would also wear headgear, like bonnets, while many would adorn themselves in garlands of Spring flowers. They would carry wicker baskets filled with foods and candies to offer to the pagan gods and goddesses. Easter Sunrise Services were originated by the priest serving the Babylonian Ishtar to symbolically hasten the reincarnation of Ishtar/Easter. Again, we see how Satan knew that Jesus’ rising from the grave would be found in the early sunrise hours, and that the Christian Church would want to hold Sunrise Services to celebrate.

The Lower Entities know the truth and its prophecies, and they are allowed a certain amount of foreknowledge. Just as Lower Entities counterfeited the Divine birth of a male child to a Virgin Mother fully 1,000 years before Jesus was actually born, so they counterfeited this Sunrise Service. Lent is purely a deception, and yet has been accepted by the Roman Catholic Church and apostate Christian churches as “Christian”. Lent is a commemoration of Tammuz’ death; the legend of his death says that he was killed by a wild boar when he was 40 years old. Therefore, Lent celebrates 1 day for each year of Tammuz’ life. Participants are to express their sorrow over Tammuz’ untimely death by weeping, fasting, and self-chastisement. Lent was commemorated for exactly 40 days prior to the celebration of Ishtar/Esotre and other goddesses by the following cultures: Babylonians, Roman Catholics, Koordistan, Mexicans, Ancient Israel, and today, Liberal, apostate Protestant churches.

Advent of Deception provides awareness that can assist in deciphering the deception of the darkness. Most people around the world do not want to hear the truth and surrender the yearly holidays and their religion. Independent Spirituality provides a deeper level of spirituality that helps the individual to cultivate a deeper level of Inner Faith and Spiritual Steadfastness.

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