SpaceX Super Heavy Spaceship makes Starlink Satellite Network Cheap

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News Story Source:, brian wang
 However, if the design enables SpaceX to hit the $2 billion lower-end development cost then SpaceX has the money to develop Spaceship Super Heavy and the Starlink satellite network. It would only cost about $3 billion if everything works out.

Every strategic and design decision from SpaceX is to speed up getting to a fully integrated and complete BFR/BFS. The recent mini-BFR is for low-cost testing on the Falcon 9. Stopping any second stage reuse tests for the Falcon 9 is not needed for the full Super Heavy.

Funds for Spaceship Super Heavy and Starlink

SpaceX has the following funds:
* Estimated $500-800 million from the Japanese billionaire (for the trip, co-promotion and some part of the company)
* $750 million from the loan.
* Some amount of profit from 40 – $60 million launches. $2.4 billion in revenue. I think maybe 30-40% operating margin. $800 million per year from launches. Note there are not forty Falcon 9 launches but any NASA, military or Heavy launch
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