Space Brothers Here To Help : UFO Contactee Movement

In this video presentation titled “Space Brothers Here To Help”, Gerard Aartsen gives an account of UFO Contactees of the early days up to modern times.

He says that this phenomena has been happening for a very long time and in modern times beneficial and enlightened contact has been initiated by them. Usually a single person is the contactee and information spreads through them to the public.

One of the early contactees, George Adamski has been mentioned extensively in Gerard’s book, “Here To Help : UFOs and the Space Brothers” …

When asked more about the Adamski Contacts, Gerard adds …

“George Adamski was the first person to go public with his experience
of having met a man from space, on 20 November 1952. There were six
witnesses who all signed affidavits before notaries public confirming
his story. In his book Inside the Space Ships he describes how he was
invited on board flying saucers and mother ships on several occasions,
where he was given insights into the nature of space and the
universality of life by beings which he described as spiritually highly
advanced – not to mention technologically advanced. He referred to some
of them as Masters, like the Masters of Wisdom on our planet, who have
gone ahead of us along the path of evolution and are leading the way by
inspiring and guiding humanity from behind the scenes. In fact, in my
first book, George Adamski – A Herald for the Space Brothers, I brought
together evidence that Adamski studied with some of the Masters in Tibet
as a teenager. The teachings which he conveyed in his writings are very
similar to the teachings that have come from the Masters of Wisdom
through H.P. Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey and more recently Benjamin

Sadly, when Adamski was reaching a worldwide audience with his
message of hope, corporate and military interests went out of their way
to defame him and deride his experiences, which not only resulted in
Adamski’s being ignored for the most part since the early 1960s, but
also resulted in the myriad conspiracy theories that seem to have
infested the field of Ufology ever since, confusing and scaring the public about the extraterrestrial presence.”

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