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Strange just got stranger! The making of a new religion doesn’t take much, really…it’s become quite easy in our modern times. Satan is adept at doing just that. This is certainly a glimpse into one of his best creations!

This secret location was reportedly built deep underground by the church in the 1980’s at the cost of millions of dollars. Tunnels stretch for hundreds of feet into the cliff behind unassuming façade and reportedly hold sacred texts to be either engraved on stainless steel, or gold discs and encased in titanium capsules. It is said to be H-Bomb proof annd protected by three 5,000 pound stainless steel airlocks.

The symbols are thought to be land markers which are a ‘return point’ (navigation markers for space craft)


Do you see the All-Seeing Eye?

Mapped area revels the secret location Trementina Base in the New Mexico desert


I know L. Ron Hubbard must studied Aleister Crowley’s work because this is some messed up stuff. He studied a set of ideas and practices regarding the metaphysical relationship between the mind and body and this was the origins of DIANETICS. Do you see it??? DIANE! I just caught that!!


This is scary-people are coming up missing?


So, Xenu is coming! But why all the worry? Why would this religion build this? A 10-story underground bunker which will be placed under his Colorado Telluride estate, in preparation for the end of the world.
He believes Xenu will be attacking the earth and this is his way to outsmart the evil intergalactic ruler.


But it even gets stranger…this picture is a ‘hidden’ bunker on GOLD BASE, a heavily guarded bunker on the SEA ORG Compound. Sea Organization is a split-off of Scientology and is said to be the reason why Katie left Tom. He was supposedly going to send Suri there for her ‘priesthood’ inductee ceremony.


Members are not allowed to exit the property without permission, and if they do they go AWOL, they are tracked down by military-style teams that are allowed to inflict emotional and physical punishment. Members risk imprisonment and alleged beatings in one of the two trailers known as “The Hole” for violations. Of course these are all “voluntary” and include manual labor, malnutrition, sleep deprivation and isolation.


Get this! They also receive a “FREE LOADER TAB,”  a six-figure bill for services (wonderful treatment) they receive at the establishment.

This is also home to a film studio, GOLDEN ERA PRODUCTIONS, where Cruise is reportedly making films.


There are 8-levels (Operating Thetan Levels) of the spiritual enlightenment course. It took Tom Cruise five years to attain this level at the cost of $100,000 for each level.

At the contribution of Ron Hubbard’s wife, Mary Sue, the origins of this actually comes from the Greek. NO SURPRISE! The lecture is later published as a book which reveals the details….one guess what it’s called! “THE PHOENIX LECTURES”.
He believed the Greek letter theta (Θ) to represent “the source of life and life itself” and also represents the soul, as it were.


“From some experiments conducted about fifteen or twenty years ago — a thetan weighed about 1.5 ounces [45 grams]! Who made these experiments? Well, a doctor made these experiments. He weighed people before and after death, retaining any mass. He weighed the person, bed and all, and he found that the weight dropped at the moment of death about 1.5 ounces [45 grams] and some of them 2 ounces [60 grams]. (Those were super thetans!)”
Hmmm…sounds a bit like Transhumanism! All roads lead to the cosmic tricksters!
These methods and teachings are also said to be likened to Hinduism, in that both ascribe a causal relationship between the experiences of earlier incarnations and one’s present life. With each rebirth, the effects of the “MEST” universe (MEST here stands for matter, energy, space, and time) on the thetan are believed to become stronger.


Hubbard’s doctrines about thetans: “Thetans are all-knowing beings, and became bored because there were no surprises. Hubbard asserted that the single most important desire in all beings is to have a “game”. To have a “game” it was necessary to “not know” certain things, so certain perceptions were negated (“not-is-ed”).” Since thetans knew everything, this required them to abandon or suppress perceptions and knowledge. Over time, the loss of perception accumulated and certain thetans began to cause harm to others. MEST (physical) beings also sought to “trap” thetans in order to control them. Thetans came to learn contrition, punishing themselves for their own “harmful” acts.
According to Hubbard, an essential part of the thetans’ game was the “conquest” of matter, energy, space, and time by the life force, theta. This has produced multiple universes which have ended and begun in succession, each new one being more solid and entrapping than the last. The thetans have by now become so enmeshed in the physical universe that many have identified themselves totally with it, forgetting their quadrillions of years of existence and their original godly powers


According to Scientology, thetan powers are said to remain potent and restorable. One of the Church of Scientology’s stated goals is “the rehabilitation of the human spirit”, by which it means the restoration of the thetan’s original abilities. Hubbard claims that thetans are able to change reality through “postulates” — decisions made by the individual about the nature of the reality around them. Some thetans are said to have (mis)used this ability to “implant” others with hypnotic suggestions, forcing other thetans to “cluster” around bodies (hence body thetans). This sort of directed control is referred to as “other-determinism”. Scientology seeks to undo it and return the thetan to “self-determinism”, where he can control himself and his environment. The eventual goal is to achieve “pan-determinism”, where he acts for the good of all.


Scientologists believe that when a person dies — or, in Scientology terms, when a thetan abandons its physical body — they go to a “landing station” on the planet Venus, where the thetan is re-implanted and told lies about its past life and its next life. The Venusians take the thetan, “capsule” it, and send it back to Earth to be thrown into the ocean off the coast of California. They quote Hubbard as saying, “If you can get out of that, and through that, and wander around through the cities and find some girl who looks like she is going to get married or have a baby or something like that, you’re all set. And if you can find the maternity ward to a hospital or something, you’re OK. And you just eventually just pick up a baby.”
Sounds a bit like “SUPERMAN”


Even beyond the Operating Thetan levels comes the “Cleared Theta Clear”, a godlike state which Hubbard describes this way:
“A thetan who is completely rehabilitated and can do everything a thetan should do, such as move MEST and control others from a distance, or create his own universe; a person who is able to create his own universe or, living in the MEST universe is able to create illusions perceivable by others at will, to handle MEST universe objects without mechanical means and to have and feel no need of bodies or even the MEST universe to keep himself and his friends interested in existence”.

Wait, where have I heard this before? Man becoming gods.

Body thetans were said by Hubbard to be a result of a prehistoric “Incident” involving Xenu.


L. Ron Hubbard used the term Incident in a specific context for auditing in Scientology and Dianetics: the description of space opera events in our Universe’s distant past, involving alien interventions in our past lives.
A hostile alien civilization would capture free thetans and brainwash them with implants designed to confuse them or otherwise render them more amenable to control. Often, instances of implantation are termed Incidents, while the subject of the implants are often termed Goals, although these are not set-in-stone rules. Not all Incidents deal with implants; some are simply unusual and traumatic events said to have happened to thetans millions of years ago. This trauma is said to linger for trillions of years and causes unresolved psychological problems in the present day. According to Hubbard, only Scientology methods can resolve the burdens left by such traumas.
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How could any SANE person not see through this mess! You would have to be spiritually lost to fall for this. GOD please have mercy on their souls.–alien-space-cathedral-built-New-Mexico-desert-Tom-Cruise-s-Scientology-church.html#ixzz2RsuGmetz

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