Sonnets – About Mumia Abu-Jamal

[About Mumia Abu-Jamal]
Dec. 21, 2011
Early afternoon

Mumia doesn’t look like crook or type
who would a person shoot, let alone a cop –
he has FBI agents with a gripe
or more, falsely accusing him nonstop –

since that is technique used by men in tan
or brown – if they condemn a communist
to death – especially if he’s African-
American, they in this fraud persist,

and lie like rug if victim is a writer –
I know this since they’ve victimized me for
a spell quite long,* they act like you’re bullfighter –
armed to the teeth, and member of Marine Corps.

But if you’ve life that’s innocent and smart,
they’ll hate you for the goodness in your heart.*

*something like 45 years, using microwave torture, too, a CIA weapon in MK-ULTRA.
**Why did Cain slay Abel? “Because his own works were evil, and his
brother’s (right or) righteous.” (1 John 3:12) If the FBI assassinates an intellectual
to censor him, no matter what his color, or bears false witness against him to frame him up,
“his own works are evil” and those of his victim are righteous or right. I have been a victim
of just such a setup, though my only sin was previously being too far to the left for
their liking, years in the past – and they think any so-called leftist deserves the death penalty, or to be shot on sight, which of course is unconstitutional, and violates every international and domestic law, in case our educated FBI agents didn’t know it.

No copyright 2011 December by
Andrew B. Goewey
Sanford, Florida


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