Sonnet Written While Being Rejected by This Bloody Society

Sonnet Written While Being Rejected by This Bloody Society* – or At Least it Seems That Way

Toes are very sore, part of my lot,
A victim of the Gov, our Intel types –
Who’re no better than those who think they’re hot
In other countries – we have all the gripes
Since we look down our noses at mankind
And hypocritically declare they’re dung,
When we can’t see we’re ugly and we’re blind,
And laugh at latest victim who was hung
By FBI or MI – CIA –
Who think they’re 007, oh so hot,
Who lionize the pervert or the gay –
A power of discernment they have not –
And follow nose of theirs right off the cliff
And think at least they’ll be the lucky stiff.

*mostly by these undemocratic covert agencies
who hate our rights and freedoms

Copyright 2012 April
by Andrew Goewey
Sanford, Florida

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