Sonnet: Radiation From The FBI

July 25, 2011

It’s 6:25, have spent th’entire night
trying to avoid the radiation
caused by a rather single-sided fight –
to enemies of mine is recreation.

The FBI claims to investigate
suspicious people and the obvious crime –
any left they willingly castigate –
their war ‘gainst leftists never has peacetime.

They feel tough when torturing a victim,
for “torture terror is” said Mr. Bush –
George W.* – and causes sight to dim –
eventually – when death will you ambush.

A man of cruelty is enemy of
our God of Heaven, Master of our love.**

*Speech on International Torture Victim’s Day in 2002 or
**I think that’s in James, Ch. 2
“He will be merciless to those who show no mercy.”
Copyright 2011 by Andrew B. Goewey
Sanford, FL

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