Sonnet – “One Complimentary Same Day about City in SE ” by By Andrew Bell Goewey

One Complimentary Same Day about City in SE

By Andrew Bell Goewey

Today is sunny, almost 8:15
and wind is blowing, ’bout room temperature
I’ve cities gone through, and some cities seen,
but much here in Miami can allure
\the soul of one – for international
this is, with splendid architecture, too,
and many types of folk – instructional
it can be if you’ve learned to speak a few
\or more, so-called – some ‘foreign languages’
my Spanish is much better at this point
here one day shy of two weeks – ravages
not much for many – as old Time’s smooth point
\of slowly letting sand filter down through
the hourglass is counting, dreaming, too.

Copyright 2012 by Andrew Bell Goewey
Now in Sanford, Florida
Still getting tortured with microwaves from the
sickest country on earth. but many are worse in
some ways. Ours is the worst morally and
mentally. Love money too much – which is the
“root of all evil,” Or funky stuff in addiitonal
to downright wicked. This microwave torture is
wicked and we do it more than anyone, I will
bet you, even per capita. Idle hands are the
devil’s workshop, and too many military are
idle, have idle hands. Not that they should start anothe war.
Think of some way to do right and not wrong.

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