Sonnet: The Establishment

But the Establishment, those who are in charge of
The weapons electronic, DEW’s –
Make you react like a trained dog Pavlov –
the victims of this are not just a few.

But Uncle Sam, “The Whore of Babylon” –
Under the Antichrist, will waste this land –
We will with devil become the arch villain –
the people disappearing in quicksand*

of system so insidious, we will know
that in the “good ol’ days” things were much better
Compared with power – the Antichrist will grow –
We’ll need e’en more Christ/God, our Liberator.

The A/C ** will eventually destroy
the land with nukes, the devil’s pride and joy.*

* the sands of time
**the Antichrist

Copyright 2011, July
by Andrew B. Goewey
Sanford, FL

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