A Sonnet … Almost. by Andrew Goewey

Sonnet (This isn’t a real sonnet – 

it has 15 lines instead of 14) 

March 16, 2001

‘Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.’
The homeless, poor, must drink instead the air –
and famish in this city where there’s found
behind closed doors, with guards who’re uniformed

and gun and cellular and ‘night stick’ – club,
there to keep those who’re impoverished so informed
‘You can’t wash face, drink water, we’ll you drub –
If you dare think you’re better than a rat

or worm – who have no need of food or such.
Just look! Why don’t you leave our beauteous town
and go to city where there’s water much –
for anyone here knows if you are poor,

you shouldn’t get respect or a leg up –
so let it be – I cease, you’re out the door!
Get out! You are unsightly with your crutch!

Copyright 2001 by Andrew Bell Goewey

currently in Sanford, Florida  

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