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At that time I was still writing his thesis, I know a staff of college, he was only as a campus Office boy but he was critical of someone who likes to read books. when I’m browsing using the notebook in the room of student organizations (BEM), he invited me to browse on the strange symbols contained in a U.S. dollar money, and he shows the meaning of the symbols associated with freemasonry secret organization .. many people who do not know about the strange organization. The following history and description of the illuminati that I heard from my story and browsing teman2 in google,

Illuminati is an ancient brotherhood that was, and is believed to still exist today although there is no evidence – evidence the existence of this fraternity to date. Illuminati means New Enlightenment. The adherents of so-called Illuminati Illuminatus which means Enlightened One. Perfectibilists formerly Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt (1748-1811) of Jewish descent who was born and raised in Ingolstadt, have an educational background as a Jesuit who then became a Catholic priest and later organized House of Rothschild. Illuminatus is people – people who seek answers to what is called religion the mystery of God. According to them the science no longer the mystery of God, all have the answers. One is the famous Illuminatus Galileo Galilei an anthropologist who was forced to put the home for life by the church due to make a statement that the center of the universe is not the earth is the sun. The statement was deemed offensive to the church because it implies that God deliberately placed the center of life on other planets. Since then Illuminatus hunted by the church. They were hunted down and given the stamp of a new cross their chest and then killed. Illuminati and then move from the underground as a secret society of the most sought after by the church. The Illuminatus who escaped later met with other secret groups: the group of experts called the stone of Freemasonry or more commonly referred to as the Masons.

Since joining the Freemasons, Illuminati became stronger due to be assisted by a network of Freemasonry which does not seem to have been made ​​aware of safe transport by the illuminati. Illuminati continues to be hunted by the church. They are labeled as Saxon Luciferian Conspiracy. Lucifer is often associated with Satan. So the Illuminati are also referred to as the saithan. This designation becomes the origin of the word Satan in the English language meaning devil . However they are not Satanists, it is just propaganda of the church to the Illuminati that they are increasingly believed to be the enemy of society.

At first, he was a Catholic priest who later defected to the pioneers of the most persistent in opposing the religion Christianity and other religions. Movements secret  Illuminatievolved into a network that “menggurita” due to the support of family  Rothchild . Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812) was a very dominant character of banking in Germany and is called a dynasty , as his descendants held the kingdoms of the world banking network in Europe with ambitions to dominate the world economy. One of the sayings Rothchild famous are:

“Give me a chance to control the economy of a nation, and I would not care about who is in power (give me control over a nations economic, and I do not care WHO writes its laws).”
Motto  Rothchild gives strength and encouragement all members of the  Illuminati to not miss any aspect of the economy led them on a dictator who can master and control the government in the corners of the  world . In fact, one of America’s 20th president, namely [[James Abram Garfield]] who are also members of the Illuminati said:

“Whoever controls the money or the economy of a nation, then he will rule the nations (That whomever controls the money or economies of nation, They would control the nation too).”
Adam Weishaupt was also a  Jesuit , professor of law and taught at  the University Ingoldstadt ,  Bavaria , Germany, until 1770. Disappointment himself against the dogmas of  Catholicism led him out of his position as pastor and began to devote themselves to the movement of  the Zionist to establish a one world government (one world government) which is believed to uphold human dignity by eliminating religion on earth, except the familiar demons (abolition of all religion, except Satanism).

For five years he compiled a book called [[The Novus Ordo Seclorum]] that contains the concepts, doctrine, and the theory of global governance. The book was completed on May 1, 1776. As a tribute to him, May 1, used as a day of celebration of the  Communist world.According to  Myron Pagan , strategic steps to realize his ambition Weishaupt wrote, among other things, as follows.

l. Illumination must master high-level officials from several levels of government positions, if necessary by means of dirty bribe, either with money or women. (Monetary and sex bribery was to used to Obtain the control of men already in high places in the Various Levels of all Governments and other fields of Endeavor).

2. Illumination of recruitment of potential student activists, who have the talent and of superior breeds to be trained as a prospective board member Illumination in the future.(The Illuminati WHO were on the faculty of colleges and universities were to cultivate students processing exceptional mental ability and WHO Well-Bred belong to families with international leanings and recommend them for special training in Internationalism).

3. Those who are trapped in the network Illumination, including students who have been trained and given special knowledge of the international community, as well as the ideals of Illumination Illumination will maketh as agents in several countries and was placed as an expert or specialist staff to assist key government officials. (All WHO Influential people were trapped to come under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students WHO had been specially educated and Trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all Governments as experts and specialists).

4. Illumination will control all channels of mass media, both electronic and printed media, government ownership and control in such a way as the only solution so as to shape public opinion. (They were to Obtain absolute control of the press so That all news and information Could be slanted to convince the Masses That a one word government is the only solution to our many and varied problems. They were also to own and control all the national radio and TV channels).

then I was browsing on the image of money one edge adjacent to the U.S. dollar symbol money has beheaded at the top of the pyramid-shaped in a triangular shape of his eyes there is one, which the Muslims are liars and symbols according to the Christians is the symbol of “anti-christ”

Almost every American looks at a one dollar bill on a daily basis, but few view it for it’s historic significance. The Freemasons play a significant role in our government but go unseen by the average American. To show just how much They are INVOLVED, the back of the one dollar bill is an excellent place to look.

The left side of the bill displays an unfinished pyramid with the all seeing eye above it. The unfinished pyramid is significant for two Reasons. The first is the reason That the pyramid is unfinished. The Freemasons believe That Their work will go unfinished in their lifetime on earth, and it Continues on into the afterlife. If the square and compass, symbols of the Freemasons, are put over the pyramid, it spells the word Mason. Above the pyramid is the all seeing eye representing the Illuminati. The true secret connection Organizations Between these two is unclear. Some Historians believe Evidence That They have branched off from the Freemasons the Illuminati, while others argue there is little connection. Above the eye of the Illuminati are the Latin words “Annuit Coeptis”, roughly translating to He favors us. Often Freemason manuals talk about worshiping their “Dark God”. Although the Freemasons publically deny it, many past members and religious leaders warn of the hidden beliefs and rituals Stanic. The ribbon under the pyramid contains the latin words Novus Ordo Seclorum, roughly translating into a “a new order for the ages”. The exact meaning of this phrase is also one of some debate. Conspiracy Theorist argue That this refers to the coming of a New World Order where the lives of non-Freemasons will be Strictly regulated and controlled, however it may simply refer to the emergence of a new country. On the bottom of the pyramid are the roman numerals MDCCLXXVI or 1776. There is little argument That this represents the signing of the Delcaration of Independence.

how about 2 dollars U.S. money, let’s check it out!

A. The face of Thomas Jefferson (third president of the United States and members of the Bavarian Illuminati) is set such that the nose, forehead, ears and eyes to form one-eyed pyramid symbol. And would not it strange that both eyes facing the other direction / cross-eyed?
 2. Number 6 is “special” for the Illuminati is strongly associated with the life of Thomas Jefferson. He has six children, his wife died on 6 September, and sculpture legacy, “Jefferson Memorial” stands as tall as 6 feet.

3. Now look at the symbol on the right side of the seal:
numbers listed at the bottom of 1789, which was the year in which the Illuminati make their major actions. As George Washington made ​​the U.S. president and the start of the French Revolution. And there are key images, which some people interpret it as a mind opener, demonstrates the power and influence of the Illuminati (or symbol of the Monarch Mind Control , etc.). At the top there is a balance, which states a balance between the old world powers ( the Freemasons , the Bavarian Illuminati , etc.) and the new world power (a mixture of the secret organization that led to the New World Order ). There is also a hidden row of 13 stars, is no less important to the Illuminati. The figure shows 13 offspring and 13 groups that receive “enlightenment” (denoted by asterisks).
4. Sources say that John Trumbull , painter drawing back of the drawing 47 people total.But the original prints are only 42 people for five other people is the enemy of the Illuminati.
5. Some people who appear in the picture is showing the signs of the Illuminati: sit with legs crossed and hand gestures such as finger “metal”:
6. Appearance of several important figures Illuminati, such as George Clinton , ancestor of President Bill Clinton and Stephen Hopkins , were powerful at the time and the only person in the picture wearing a hat, which indicates that the position is very important for the Illuminati.
7. Sources say that the words “Two Dollars” in the bottom corner is a play on words ofOwl’s Lard To which is secret code for members to recruit new members. Owl refers to the owl who became the core of the teaching of Bohemian Grove and Lard refers to the symbol of wealth in those days.
8. And many more that can be searched if the reader carefully.
hmm, ga if Indonesia had experienced any financial crisis because of the dollar increase in the stock index in Indonesia.
that’s all for this time. enjoy reading and sharing! =)
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