Soldier Sectioned For Daring to Question Queen’s Status

Queen Elizabeth Evil

A UK Grenadier soldier has been abruptly committed to a psychiatric hospital for 6 months for simply questioning the legitimacy of the Monarch’s supposed ‘status’.

Vivian Cunningham, a clearly informed citizen (which doesn’t usually go hand in hand with hired heavies of the state) was committed under the farcical “Fixated Threat” ‘law’ which aims to criminalise alternative opinion in the UK and effectively classifies any criticism of the ruling ‘elite’ as a mental disorder.

Following an innocent discussion with his clueless Captain about the existence of an arrest warrant against Elizabeth Windsor for crimes against humanity, the serviceman was asked to attend a ‘medical assessment’ whereupon he was sectioned against his will after having supposedly suffered an “acute psychotic episode”.

It is believed that Cunningham has been specifically targeted by the British Crown for his part in circulating ‘evidence’ of the Royal Family’s involvement in mass murder yet regardless of whether he is right or not, it’s clear that illiberal legislation like this will be exploited over the coming years to silence anyone daring to speak out against the psychopaths in power.

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