SOLAR WATCH: Moderate G2 Geomagnetic Storm Underway As Earth Enters High-Speed Stream Of Solar Wind – Will Affect The Power Grid, Satellites And Radio Systems!

April 15, 2015 – SPACE – A moderate geomagnetic storm is underway as Earth enters a high-speed stream of solar wind. Forecasters expect these storm continues to continue through April 16th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.  Sky watchers should be alert if it is still dark outside.

WARNING: Geomagnetic K-Index of 6 expected
Valid From: 2015 Apr 15 1405 UTC
Valid To: 2015 Apr 15 1900 UTC
Warning Condition: Onset
NOAA Scale: G2 – Moderate

NOAA Space Weather Scale descriptions can be found at

Potential Impacts: Area of impact primarily poleward of 55 degrees Geomagnetic Latitude.
Induced Currents – Power grid fluctuations can occur. High-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms.
Spacecraft – Satellite orientation irregularities may occur; increased drag on low Earth-orbit satellites is possible.
Radio – HF (high frequency) radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes.
Aurora – Aurora may be seen as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washington state.

Twilight Auroras

Around the Arctic Circle, night is vanishing as the summer sun rises over the polar realm. This is creating a short-lived mixture of colors in the sky: aurora green and twilight blue.

Truls Tiller sends the picture above of the phenomenon from Tromsø City, Norway:

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