Solar Energy Produces 300 Times More Toxic Waste Than Does Nuclear Power

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One of the major reasons why hundreds of billions of dollars are poured into solar energy is that people are looking for "emissions free", "clean" energy.

We've discussed the inherent problems with solar and wind energy already, but one alternative is usually overlooked: nuclear power.

Nuclear power is "green" from the environmentalist standpoint as it produces next to no emissions. It's also reliable and inexpensive.

Plus, the technology already is already commercially viable, and scalable.  For example, 5% of the world runs on nuclear energy, and France ran on nuclear power for decades with no issues.

There was a time when nuclear energy looked like it would take the world by storm.  And honestly, if the world spent even half of the money it spent on solar energy on nuclear power, we could've made the transition to an emissions-free world decades ago.

So why didn't the world just switch to nuclear when the wh
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