Six Major Passes: Annual Fall Bicycle Color Tour From Golden to Aspen, Colorado

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
"How does it feel to be on the front end of a bicycle journey that promises hardship, true grit, the unknown, and it's bound to test your  body, heart, mind and spirit?  Long distance bicycle touring challenges you in other ways: patience in dealing with fellow riders who haul their own emotional baggage.   Everybody travels with a delicate bag of tricks in their personal backpack.  You face constant emotions.  You may cry thinking about the loss of a loved one while pedaling. That event may burn deeply into your mind—and the only way to release it—to cry. And then, there's the joy of the moment!

"That's the magic of long distance bicycle adventures.  You renew your mind, you tear down and build up your body, you choose your path to the end of the ride.  You face crotch rot, sore butt, cramping legs, sweaty body and a voracious appetite. With the magic of bicycling, you b
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