Sitting Disease: A Real Health Risk for RVers

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News Story Source: RV Lifestyle
If you're like me and the pounds have been hard to get off lately, you may have sitting disease.

Yes, there really is such a disease. And it's reached epidemic proportions, linked to all sorts of other ailments, the first and foremost of which is obesity.

Blame it on our sedentary lifestyle. Our desk-bound working days. Our computer and Internet use. TV watching.

But the fact is, the average American these days sits – at a desk, in the car or RV or on a couch – nearly eight hours every day. Sitting. Planted. Not moving.

A thick and growing-thicker-by-the-day body of medical research is documenting terrible health effects from all this.

I am always at the computer, blogging, updating social media, writing and answering emails. Then add to this all the time I spend driving my RV around the country and I know I need to take this disease seriously.

How Sitting Disease Affects Your Health

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