Sinema's Taliban Comment in Context

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News Story Source: Fact Check
Q: Is it true that Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema said it is OK for Americans to join the Taliban and/or terrorists?

A: Sinema made what she called an "offhand comment" when a radio interviewer in 2003 posed a hypothetical about making a "personal decision" to fight for the Taliban.


Locked in a tight U.S. Senate race in Arizona, Republican Martha McSally charged in a recent debate that a comment made by her Democratic rival, Kyrsten Sinema, about the Taliban in 2003 amounts to saying it's "OK to commit treason."

McSally has kept up that line of attack, saying on "Fox News Sunday" that Sinema's comment was "totally out of step with American values, when she clearly says in this radio interview she has no problem with an American going to join the Taliban."

President Donald Trump echoed that attack as well during a rally in Mesa, Arizona, on Oct. 19. "After 9/11, Martha McSally heroically led
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