Signs at the End of the World


And it shall come to pass in the last days, I will show wonders in the heavens above, and signs in the earth beneath.
− The Acts of the Apostles 2:19

Soon, 2012 will be upon us. Depending on your point of view, on this auspicious date you will either be preparing to adapt to your new light-body, or greeting the four horsemen of the apocalypse, or watching the heavens for signs of the rapture. Or, if like me, you see prophesies as mutable, reshaped by the choices made by that dysfunctional family called humanity, your experience of the probable end of the world will be sitting at a café, sipping a good latte with a fine woman, or man, and looking beyond 2012 and to new experiences and adventures.

Like many people, I used to believe that the final date of the Mayan calendar was best approached with the kind of glee one associates with root canal work. But over the years my point of view has been sculpted by better understanding the root of prophecy. Being an international lecturer offers me the luxury of coming into contact with different people of contrasting backgrounds and influences, and the more I experience and observe the more I have reached the satisfying conclusion that events in life are not so much predetermined but forever adapting to our choices which, paradoxically, re-shape our predictions of the future.

To predict is to be human. It is to provide a target whose aim is a seemingly absolute resolution. Prediction, together with its twin sister prophecy, gives life a reliable set of coordinates. We are scared of the unknown. And knowing the unknown, even if its outcome is undesirable, at least offers a degree of comfort to what many see as an unpredictable existence.

What if prophecy is not the immovable object we are led to believe, but mercurial and mutable? After all, change is the only constant in the Universe. Everything is in flow. There is no living system that exists in stasis, unless you happen to be a rock. But even rocks eventually weather into sand by the ebb and flow of wind and rain and hikers. Even the Universe expands and contracts. Rather than being a static proclamation, prophecy ought to obey a similar law.

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Prophecy is the probable future realisation of consequences based on events and choices already in motion at the moment of its proclamation. The longer the timeline offered in a prophecy, the more likely its outcome will be influenced by humanity’s gift of free will, in which case any number of outcomes are possible over its course of incubation. In other words, the fulfilment of prophecy becomes dependant on the choices made by the critical mass of collective human consciousness.

One of the earliest recorded uses of the term prophesy is in the Jewish Torah: nevuah, whose root Nuv means ‘to bear fruit’ or ‘to make flourish’. Early prophesies consisted of divine words from invisible forces, angels or God, in which humanity is warned of the consequences of living against the laws of nature. Clearly, a lot of Godly advice fell on deaf ears during these past 3,000 years.

On notable occasions we do pay attention. As Europe approached the twilight days of the first millennium AD, doom and gloom was prophesied to fall upon the world. And yet at precisely 12:01am, 1001, nothing happened. No boom, and certainly no doom. (Incidentally, the same dire predictions repeated themselves 1,000 years later). Six centuries later we see the same story but with a far different outcome: the Puritans and other religious fundamentalists prophesied the destruction of humanity through war, pestilence and plague − all signs of God’s displeasure with the “filth and depravity of humanity.” In this case they got it exactly right, for by 1666 much of Europe indeed resembled the kind of dark, irrevocable hell once illustrated in the paintings of Hieronymous Bosch.

The difference was that in AD 1000 hardly anybody believed the end of the world was nigh. Historically it was a time of relative calm and prosperity. But by the 17th century a greater amount of the population had become so focused on impending doom they inevitably created the very conditions which greased the wheels of biblical destruction. It is estimated that up to one third of the population of Europe perished through wars and plagues. In 1666 even most of London went up in flames. For once the prophets − despite their extremist religious viewpoints − got it right.

In such a case we can see how group consciousness is capable of making prophecy self-fulfilling. Indeed, fifteen centuries of European history teaches us that if a greater mass of people hold an overtly pessimistic image of the future, chances are that image will manifest in reality.

Apocalypses are seldom the result of predictions and more the release of pathological behaviour in a society that creates the situation in the end. Although Michel de Nostradame prophesied the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich, its fulfilment was due to the choices made by humanity. At the end of World War I the options open to the Allies were to either rebuild Germany or crush it. They chose the latter, and the succeeding terms imposed on a defeated people were so destructive and humiliating that by 1928 the prerequisite social conditions had arisen that, most historian agree, gave rise to Nazism and its diabolical consequences.

As a further vindication of prophecy as an instrument of human choice, had the Nazis not been appeased during the 1930s, humanity could have altered the next wave of prediction, that of a second World War.

Prophecy in Our Time

We currently live at the confluence of several prophecies, making the first decade of the 21st century an important time to be alive. Here we have Edgar Cayce’s warning of the repetition of destructive cycles; we have Nostradamus’ end of days quatrains echoing paragraphs in the biblical Book of Revelations which in turn coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar of 2012. Just as in the 17th century we are due serious consequences from our lack of responsibility to others, to ourselves and the environment.

The predicted signs are: volcanism, earthquakes, plagues, atmospheric degradation, a potential nuclear Armageddon and a final rapture. Luckily, Christ is to appear again, just in time to inherit a barren wasteland of a planet and most of its inhabitants turned into piles of ash (which is why I personally find this prophecy to be more metaphorical than literal).

The question at hand is, are we about to fulfil it, or is there wiggle room? Current events suggest we are right on course for M.A.D. − Mutually Assured Destruction. And what about 2012? Will it, won’t it? Given how this election cycle of the US presidency of the most influential nation on Earth ends exactly in 2012, the potential to influence the outcome of these dire prophecies is enormous. But if we make the right choices, the prize is the complete transformation of the course of humanity for the next 4,000 years.

If enough people share the same dream, a critical mass will create that reality. Humans are gifted dreamers, but even so we often lack the confidence to believe we are powerful creation machines.

Throughout native cultures prophecy is strangely reminiscent of scriptures in which God reveals Itself to humanity in subtle and helpful ways − miracles, healings, divine laws, signs − but when these hints are ignored, cataclysms are used to wake people up, particularly those at the slowest vibratory levels. Interestingly, at times when humanity approaches a crossroads, ‘outside’ guidance is made available in unusual ways.

The Appearance of Crop Circles at Critical Times

One such event occurred back in the 17th century, around the time when Europe was fulfilling the prophecy of hell and brimstone. Unusual signs appeared in the fields of Britain in the form of geometric shapes, circles and rings. Described as ‘witches circles’, these designs in tall crops were seen as helpful messages from a benevolent spirit world. A second wave of sightings − this time throughout Europe and North America − preceded events that would lead to World War I.

I am of course talking about crop circles, the worldwide phenomenon whose dramatic re-appearance at the end of the 20th century once again coincides with a time of socio-political upheaval as well as climate change. Could these glyphs indeed be those “signs in the Earth beneath” described in the Acts of the Apostles? If so, why are they here?

The Universal Law of non-intervention states that no entity can interfere with the evolution of another species. Thus, if crop circles are messages from a conscious source, the symbols must be suggestive. They would serve as a type of subconscious stimulus, offering potential and ideas to its recipients. Certainly, the people who come into contact with these enigmatic symbols describe a change in their perception, and how they feel a need to change the course of their lives. Decades of research suggests that contact is overwhelmingly positive, people feel they have been awoken. And yet when pressed, they stumble to articulate the experience. They say they know what the symbols are but often cannot logically explain what they mean. This suggests that some type of cellular information is by-passing the logical brain, awakening instead the genetic and irrational part of our being.

While I was researching this possibility for my book Secrets In The Fields, I was given information by the geologist Gregg Braden, who showed me how one particular crop circle matches the parts of the human DNA molecule which are not coded for protein. In other words, it stimulates parts of our DNA that allow information to be imprinted thereby awakening something in our genetic memory.

For this to occur, a bioelectromagnetic signal needs to be transferred from one organism − the crop circle − to the other, the human body. Many of the 80 eyewitnesses to crop circles recall a beam of light accompanying the creation of the glyphs. Light is an electromagnetic signal, and DNA relies on light for receiving information. It is also known that genuine crop circles contain a measurable electromagnetic field which can last up to five years after the original shape in the crop has been harvested; furthermore, ripples of energy have also been detected flowing away from the epicentre of the designs. This demonstrates that the crop circles are living, breathing, organisms.

But there’s more. Electrical equipment has a tendency to be interfered with inside the perimeter of crop circles, as do human beings who enter them, and humans are electromagnetic. As it happens, thousands of people have not just had such experiences, they also report being healed.

There is a second part to this encoding. Crop circles are typically geometric; and those that are not contain the geometric code concealed within their framework. The most typical geometries employed are the pentagram and the hexagram. Now, geometry is the ultimate systems language because it underlies every biological and mineral element in the universe, including the human body. At its core, the crystalline structure of human DNA is made up of a series of repeating crystals in the shape of pentagrams and hexagrams. Since the crop circles are living biological entities, such biogeometry would have a sympathetic effect on the organisms with which they interact, either through physical contact or simply by looking at their image.

The crop circles are also appearing at the intersections of the earth’s magnetic lines of energy, which means they imprint information directly into the planet’s energetic field. Every organism on Earth is therefore in contact with this information. So perhaps the crop circles appeared at this crucial juncture to remind us of a preferred choice of direction. People are being offered the choice to engage with the coming human evolution, or conversely, to resist it. We need to remember that we always have choice. One thing is certain: the presence of these signs is palpable, given their polarising effect − people either react very positively to the circles or they debunk them vehemently. In fact, the tenacity with which the debunkers operate is akin to 17th century witch hunts.

It seems very plausible, then, that crop circles are part of the ‘end of days’ scenario, when signs from a helpful universe come to aid humanity through another fork in its evolutionary road. But to say they are prophetic is still a matter for discussion. Take the famous case of the ‘Solar System’ crop circle, so-called because of its uncanny resemblance to our inner solar system to an accuracy of 99%, and complete with its own asteroid belt.

What makes this glyph worthy of investigation is that the circle representing the Earth is missing from its orbit. Some have said this points to a future date when the Earth will cease to exist. Given that messages from the heavens are typically helpful and positive, I prefer my colleague Prof. Gerald Hawkins’ interpretation: it points to milestones in propulsion. The late Prof. Hawkins − emeritus astronomer at the University of Boston − calculated that the position of the other three planets in this design appeared in such a configuration twice during the 20th century: the first date occurred when the Wright Brothers made aviation history on a beach in North Carolina by proving that a heavier-than-air object could fly; the second date points to the first Mars orbiter and its flight to the red planet. The next time we shall see this configuration in the solar system will be in 2032. So what will happen, another milestone in aviation? Perhaps. Crop circles have been shown to encode anti-gravity technology, so who knows. But one thing is certain, the Circlemakers seem positive that humanity will still be alive and well and in a creative mood two decades after 2012.

People have also been interacting with the crop circles to the point where the glyphs can be predicted by date, location and appearance. And this, for me, is one of the most important messages behind the phenomenon, for it shows not only the existence of a conscious source behind their creation, but illustrates just what a powerful tool human intent and intuitive ability can be.

In 1999 I conducted a closed experiment to see how humans interact with crop circles. The idea was to solicit the time, location and shape of the last major pattern of the season in southern Britain − home to 75% of the world’s crop circles. I asked people from various walks of life: an accountant, two psychics (from both sides of the Atlantic), a software designer, another researcher, and an editor. I joined the experiment by using dowsing as a means to predict the information. Using that age-old intuitive technique I was able to pinpoint a field at Roundway in England. The shape seemed to be a seven-pointed star with elements of a nine-pointed star, which I found confusing to visualise. Interestingly, everyone else gave me near-identical information; the time was the only element that seemed to throw people off, the discrepancy being three days. Then again, time is not a universal constant but a human artefact. At least we all agreed it would appear during the last week in July.

The solicitations were made in confidence, and none of the people I asked were aware of each others’ responses. As the magic week drew near I worked directly with a respected psychic to fine-tune the time, and we were able to narrow its predicted appearance down to 36 hours; I even booked a private plane ahead of time so as to be the first to fly over the glyph (but never disclosing the location to the pilot). On the appointed hour we were the first two people to fly over a brand new crop circle complete with seven-pointed geometry (later I discovered a nine-pointed geometry within its design). And precisely at the predicted coordinates. The design appears to describe the entire interchange between audible sound and visible light, the very bones of creative manifestation.

Historically, peaks and troughs in the Earth’s magnetic field strength coincide with the creation of sacred sites, indicating that our ancestors were well aware of these key moments or ages, and used such pivotal moments to experience more rapid development of their consciousness. Of course if there was greater resistance to this from a wider band of society then the inverse would occur, and more dark ages would follow. That the crop circles themselves are created according to the very same techniques employed in stone circles, pyramids, Gothic cathedrals and other sacred sites − magnetism, geometry and sound − says a lot about their intended purpose, and even more so considering their sudden appearance at the close of the 20th century coincides with a major trough in the earth’s magnetic field.

Whether you choose to view crop circles as symbols from a creative universe or as sacred sites − or both − their timely appearance and their ability to be predicted and perhaps to prophesy, demonstrates that someone, somewhere has a vested interest in ensuring that humanity rises to its greatest potential at this urgent hour. Experiments at Princeton’s P.E.A.R. laboratories showed that people’s focused intentions affect such mechanical constants as the timing of a computerised drumbeat and the motion of pendulums. Thousands of trials reveal machines’ obedience to the thoughts of their human operators, and that the human mind is capable of affecting approximately one in every 10,000 random events. Given such powerful abilities, all prophecies of doom surrounding the end of the world can be turned around if we choose to focus on prediction as a positive and creative tool.

According to chaos theory, an evolutionary transition to a higher state is accompanied by the breakdown of order in the harmonic field. When new energy is introduced, as in the case of crop circles, it reverses the process of disintegration so that matter can be reorganised and enabled to achieve this higher state. Order breaks into chaos that builds into order. As science writer James Gleick explains, “The greater the turbulence, the more complex the solution, the greater the jump to a higher state.” And there is no doubt that right now we are immersed in an ocean of great chaos.

But as the saying goes, “you have the whole world in your hands.” And when 2012 comes, I know where I’ll be: in a café with a fine woman, and a grand latte in my hands.


FREDDY SILVA is one of the world’s leading experts on crop circles and sacred sites, and a leading researcher into the interaction between temples and consciousness. He is best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields, and Director of “Templemaking”, “Stairways To Heaven: The Practical Magic Of Sacred Space”, and “In The Footsteps Of Isis”. Recently described by the CEO of Universal Light Expo as “perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now,” he is an international keynote speaker, and has appeared on The History Channel, BBC, video documentaries and international radio shows. His web sites are and

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