Sheldon Nidle on ETs & First Contact

Sheldon Nidle is one of the few people who have been in contact with Extraterrestrials or Aliens ever since he was a child and has been aboard their ships and learned about various sciences, cosmology etc … Most of the information shared here corroborates with others who share a similar history of our planet and how we humans came into existence ! Here is an interview from 2010 where Sheldon discusses a whole lot of stuff, some of which is only mentioned briefly however can be further researched on his website.

In the video Sheldon briefly touches upon the history of Earth which once again corroborates with what Billly Meier has been sharing from his Pleiadian Contacts. We are in the process of becoming a fully conscious galactic civilization and this change is happening now … In this video Sheldon speaks of a new kind of monetary system replacing the existing one which is based on real value … the governments and our social systems also undergoing some sirius change … 🙂

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