Sharia Law would give People no Freedom and Lead to Total Control of Your Life!

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Opinion Column by Greg J. Dixon
Sharia Law would give people no freedom

Sharia Would Lead to Total Control of Your Life!

Don Boys, Ph.D.

Sharia Would Lead to Total Control of Your Life!

In the last few days, concerned Americans across the nation have participated in "anti-sharia" protests. Those citizens have been criticized, castigated, and condemned for their "bigotry." It seems bigotry is the word of choice when leftists can't answer a charge against them. Hate is a four-letter word that they all know, use, and exude.

However, it is a fact, not falsehood or fallacy that dedicated, koranic Muslims want to live under sharia in America. It's time to stop playing games and realize the reality: terrorists are beating at the gates of Europe and America.

King Jan III Sobieski is called the "savior of Western European Civilization" for fighting off the Ottoman Turks who besieged Vienna in 1683. Now, we invite the "Turks" into our n
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