Sexual Harassment: a Problem of Leadership, not HR

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Opinion Column by Menckens Ghost
Sexual Harassment:  a Problem of Leadership, not HR

November 22, 2017

By Mencken's Ghost

During much of my corporate career, I was a human resources executive for large companies, where I fired scores of jerks and creeps for sexual harassment, long before harassment became headline news. 

I also was once falsely accused of sexual harassment by a nut-job of a woman.  Fortunately, her female manager knew that the allegation was totally false, because, unbeknownst to the accuser, the manager had observed the interaction in question and listened in on the conversation between me and her.  When the manager subsequently asked me what should be done about the accuser, I responded, "Get her psychiatric help."

I later changed careers, because, among other reasons, the human resources profession was becoming just another bloated, ineffective staff function addicted to government regulations, in bed with big government, and clue
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