Senator Warns Of “Rampant Violence, Conspiracy Theories” If November Election Results Are

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News Story Source: by Nicholas Ballasy
"I hate to say it but it invites violence," King said on Monday.

"It invites people going into the streets who feel their votes weren't counted or something crooked happened." 

The Maine Independent made the dire warning after days of looting and violence across the country amid the demonstrations over George Floyd's death. 

King cited problems in Georgia's recent primary elections as a sign of what's to come in November and described the balloting as a "semi-disaster."

He also said the nation's election system is "de-centralized" but remains "vulnerable" to cyber attacks. Furthermore, King added that the influx of mail-in ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic makes the situation even more challenging.

"We are way more vulnerable than we think," he said during a "How to Hack DC: What is the Future of Cyb
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