See Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster, Semi In Unique Side-By-Side Walkaround Video

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News Story Source:, By: Eric Loveday
Here's your first-ever look at the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Roadster and Tesla Semi all in yellow and shown in a side-by-side format for size comparison.

Aside from this perhaps being the first time we've ever seen these three Teslas together in one video, it's also the first time (we believe) we've seen the Roadster and Semi rendered in yellow. The Cybertruck, on the other hand, has been rendered in virtually every color available.

What we really like about this video is that the vehicles are all true to scale so it provides us with a perfect way to compares the size of the vehicles featured. Additionally, you get looks at the vehicles from angles all around, which means you get to see all sides of each rendered Tesla. Last but not least, the way in which these videos are made allows us to see two or more cars next to each other even if those two vehicles may never be seen side-by-side in real life.

The Tesla Cybertruck is perhaps the most anticipated Tesla veh
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