Scottish Commentator Neil Oliver Sees World Leaders as "Frightened of Their Own People"

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News Story Source: By Joe Hoft
Look at what's going on around the world and you can see the world leaders and elites want more control.

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse shared the following video from Scottish commentator, Neil Oliver.  Leaders and billionaire elites are scared, according to Oliver:

With great wealth comes great anxiety apparently.  As well as fearing the people, like leaders do, billionaires don't much like us either.  We're like ants and wasps, spoiling what might otherwise might be a lovely picnic just for them.  Our small lives are petty concerns, rent, mortgages, health, education.  But beneath them, more importantly, our lives are so different by circumstances, fully incomprehensible to them.

There are two groups to watch.  Those with everything to lose and those with nothing to lose.  Leaders feel backed into a corner by the great unwashed often seek safety by demanding and taking more and more control for their own good
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