Satan in the Hindu Scriptures

I have studied in particular the Hindu philosophy of the Gita and other major philosophical works. I have further studied the Vabishya Purana (It is a lesser text of Hindu scriptures that predict future course of actions taken by humans in the age that was to follow). By the term “age” the author of the purana was describing the time that will follow after the advent of Yavans (Greeks and Muslims) in India.

These scriptures tell us to watch out for 6 vices- Excessive sexual urge, Excessive anger, Excessive greed, Excessive attachment, Excessive indulgence in intoxicants, and Indulgence in bestiality in any form. These vices will represent the Satan. The increase of these vices will be proportional to increase in the power of the Satan.

The Satan is but the filth that keeps accumulating in a sieve from the beginning of the sieving process of any substance. Life and its activities constitute the substances, which when filtered through the sieve of time will accumulate these filth as a infallible process of existence.

The texts tell us about the activities of humans that will tell us the amazing powers of the Satan that slowly spreads its wings amongst us. It says, that in future some marked unique activities would be considered normal. To quote a few-

1. Girls and boys as little as 8 years will start bearing children.

2. The only virtue of a woman will be money

3. What is a Satanic (Tamasik) ritual will be considered holy, while a Vedic ritual will be considered foolish.

4. Thieves will rule the world and will steal every penny out of the poor.

5. The poor will be driven to live life like nomads, in hiding

6. Jokes will be the measure of one’s intelligence

7. Gods will be held hostage to Shudras (lowly people) while the Brahmins (Brahma Gyani- the enlightened ones) will have to take their permission to enter the temple.

8. Water will be so scarce that even a small puddle will become a holy place

9. There will be no regard to human life

10. Mind will be utterly delusional so as to differentiate between right and wrong….

The list is long.

But I am amazed at the accuracy of both these scriptures, and the basis of such actions pinpointed in these 6 vices long before we have been experiencing the Satan amongst us. The particular topic we are talking about is pure bestiality.

The Satanic cult must have been there, and you are very right in pointing it out through accepted scientific research.

I wish your work will be taken up by mainstream media and highlighted, so that these activities do not remain secret. Satan wins as long as it can keep itself hidden. The moment we are aware about it, it has no other option but to retreat.


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