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News Story Source:, by L. Neil Smith
Ben Affleck with a better voice.

I don't suffer the loss of heroes well. What finally compelled me to write about this was a political advertisment he did (backed up by that sage and illustrious economist and ethical philosopher Alysa Milano) for a dismal Geogia congressional campaign in which he neatly listed all of his grievances with Donald J. Trump. The amazing thing is that not one of them was true. They were simply parts of the same old tired litany of lies that Democrats used over and over again, endlessly, last year to hypnotize themselves into a set of false beliefs that were shattered by the election.

It helps explain why so many of them went insane.

Think back. The first time I heard Trump being called a racist was about three minutes after his first political statement. They said he had insulted Mexicans (who happen, largely, to be white, by the way). What I actually heard him criticize was the foully corrupt Mexican government for deliberately sendin
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