Sacrificing Health and Freedoms a Requirement for Employment?

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Sacrificing Health and Freedoms a Requirement for Employment?

by Stephen Lendman

Who could have imagined not long ago that health and freedom-destroying mandates would spread out-of-control throughout the West and elsewhere like a malignant tumor able to kill its host?

Who could have thought that the above would become the norm in one country after another with diabolical aims in mind?

Who ever could have expected that Western and other governments would become mortal enemies of their people beyond the worst of what went on earlier anywhere?

Will US/Western refuseniks lose jobs and income?

Will they be denied access to healthcare?

Will seniors lose public and private retirement benefits across the board?

Will they be labeled domestic terrorists and isolated from society, perhaps in internment camps under draconian conditions designed to punish and kill?

What was unimaginable not long ago is increasingly today's reality.
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