Russia’s Futile Outreach to Washington

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Russia's Futile Outreach to Washington

by Stephen Lendman

Russia knows Washington's adversarial relations remain longstanding under Republicans or Democrats. Occasional more conciliatory-sounding rhetoric is subterfuge.

America's deep state wants regime change, Russian sovereignty eliminated, the country transformed into another US vassal state, balkanized for easier control, its resources looted, its people ruthlessly exploited.

America is not Russia's partner. Pretending otherwise won't change things. So why does Moscow extend outreach overtures to a nation wanting its own destroyed in its current form?

Why does it pursue diplomatic niceties accomplishing nothing? Why does it waste time on what never worked before, and won't now with neocons infesting Trump's administration and Congress?

America doesn't negotiate. It demands. It breaches virtually all treaties and agreements reached.  It can't be trust
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