Route 66: Ice Cream Humor Man Who Created Happiness for Everyone

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Feature Article by Frosty Wooldridge
Back in 1957, my mother piled four kids into our 1953 Chevy station wagon for a trip from Chicago to San Diego. She planned to meet her husband, our U.S. Marine dad stationed in San Diego. Of course, we hooked up with Route 66 for a torturous journey across America. For 2,400 miles, we stopped at gas stations, motels and restaurants that became legendary along Route 66. Many still exist today.

If you remember, two guys, George Maharis and Martin Milner drove a hot Corvette across the USA on Route 66. They got into all sorts of trouble that enthralled viewer audiences across America. Glen Frey with the Eagles wrote and sang a song, "Take it easy" with a young man, "Standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona…such a fine site to see…a girl my lord in a flatbed Ford slowin' down to take a look at me…take it easy….you may lose and you may win, but you'll never be here again…"

At one location, near Grants, New M
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