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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
* After I left the big breakup at the sanitarium, I spent a few days ruminating on it all. I took a couple phone calls from Esther and another from Johnny (who was worried for Esther). I was hoping that things would reach their end quickly. I've never seen one of these situations heal, so I'd rather the break was quicker than slower.

What I didn't expect was another crisis to be thrown on top of it. But that's what we got.

"I'd rather go to jail"

When a sane, healthy young man says something like this, it should get our attention, and it certainly did mine. We were at one of our regular meetings at Jay's, and the group told me that Mike – one of our regulars but not one that I knew especially well – had opened a cryptocurrency exchange.

That's precisely the thing I warned the group about, and I remember that Mike was present when I did. He's under no obligation to listen to me of course, but I was pretty clear on th
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