Roots of Satan in Scientology, British, American Empire & dysfunctional Hollywood A-List’ers (& Sage Stallone Drama)

 Update: Scientology takes over Tel Aviv, Israel with new Scientology Church. (So will the idiotic Evangelicals in America now start praying to L. Ron Hubbard like they pray to Netanyahu? Will the Holy Bible be edited to now say that Jesus studied Scientology? What does this all mean for American Christians & their worship of Israel?)
Some times the consensus on certain topics are so etched in stone due to long term campaigns of mis-information that I simply see no point in even trying to knock down the illusions and hype in an effort to reduce the knowledge & truth back down to its original foundation.
Scientology is a good example.  The illusion that Scientology is something different and separate from Satanism or Hollywood Illuminati is just that…an illusion.
The practical arm of the Illuminati, basically all of the dirty work, was indeed thought up by the British and is now being put into place by the United Nations.  The mind set that humans should never be told that they are spiritual beings, reduced in IQ via oil company pollution and chemicals which were to be placed in food, medicine and drinking water or even turning off a person’s conscience are indeed all agendas that some British Satanist sat around and came up with about 80 years ago. 
I didn’t watch the London Olympics but I did see Radio Host Alex Jones talk about the demonic symbolism and I even heard him say that this was not British Culture but a New World Order Culture, when speaking about the towering demon that stood over little kids during the opening ceremony.  I don’t know how to explain that Satanism has been the non-official religion of the British Empire since the 1400′s.  Satanism is indeed British Culture.
Queen Elizabeth (according to Prince William) favorite song is “Evil” by Eartha Kitt and that song talks about making evil request to Satan during a ritual.
  • All of the Irish Film Makers, have to go through The British simply to get distribution from Ireland and this “Evil” Song by Eartha Kitt always appears to pop up in the sound tracks. Why in the hell would Eartha Kitt pop up in the sound track of some young Irish Film Maker? Because this is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite song & the song was based off of a demonic ritual.
  (King Louis VII & Marie Antionette of France)
While French and German Aristocrats were more concerned with Illuminati Knowledge, secret societies and playing with the French-German Ouija Board, which is a combination of the French and German Language meaning “yes” it was the British Aristocrats that appeared to be only concerned with the darkest and most horrific aspects of the occult, including but not limited to, child sacrifice, child abuse rituals and using demonic communication to dictate political and even foreign policy.
From the French and British Aristocracy of Satanism, we got the colonization of the Americas.
It is no coincidence that the United States is entrenched with Satanic Symbolism, from the Federal Reserve (issues our paper money) Temples, to the deliberate creation of Stone Idols (Mt. Rushmore) to the Statue of Liberty (modeled after a Roman-Greek Painting of Lucifer) to the points of the US Pentagon Building.
Christian Americans, often excuse the Satanism of the Founding Fathers by calling them  worldly, curious or intellectuals and uses this to explain why many spoke multiple languages. 
The Founding Fathers of the U.S. were not Christians because they knew that the King James Bible or Holy Bible, was nothing more than a dogmatic political publication written by Kings for the benefit of the Kings.  The Bible is a recycled narrative that has been used over and over and over again, to maintain control of the populations which the Illuminati wished to dominate.
When I learned Hebrew, it wasn’t due to the fact that my great grand father or great great grandmother was a Jew, it was because I wanted to study Jewish Mysticism in its original form without having to lose the meaning of words due to translated versions because most knowledge can not be translated without the meaning getting Lost In Translation.
This is why Muslims do not translate the Islamic Text of Mysticism and why so few Muslims even understand or are aware of Islamic Mysticism.  There are entire books of Islam that deal with how to manage demons and these books are banned by the Illuminati in the US and Europe because they do not want the public to even be aware of how demons and demonic magic works.
When I decided to spend 2 years taking adult French Education in Los Angeles and to expand on the five years of French that I had at Louisiana Public School, along with trying to separate Louisiana Creole Broken French from standard Frence in my head, it wasn’t because I had French Heritage but it was mostly due to the fact that I wanted to study old books on the French Occult.
In other words, when one is a student of the Occult and Dark Mysteries, like the Founding Fathers, it tends to make one very worldly and even outer worldly.  Americans are very uncomfortable with the fact that Christianity in the U.S. and in Europe was only a facade for the peasants but the real people that carved out American Society, were indeed Scholars of Lucifer.
What we have in the United States and in Europe and even in Israel, are the blessings of Lucifer.  If you put the US, UK, Germany and Israel together, there has never been a more concentrated evil empire in the entire history of this planet.
The reason why I have so many Celtic rituals in my head is because the very first occult book that I picked up belonged to my great aunt from Florida, who was part Cherokee and part Scottish and even those books were older than she and simply can not be found. These books aren’t even out-of-print but instead they are simply gone and the authors are unknown.
Anything that a child learns before the age of 13 or 14 will stay in that child’s head for the rest of their life and becomes “total recall”-which is why children can pick up 4 languages and learn to speak by the age of 2 or 3 if that child is exposed to this learning early on in life.
There is only one European “glamour ritual”  in Witch Craft & it is no where written down in any book available to the public.  I do not care if one has studied Wicca for decades and has read every book, I promise you that you still dont know shit. 
  • There is a way to glamour one self (Transform one’s image via magic), I know it and I am one of the few people in the world that knows this ritual and that’s why I am confident in what I say and write.
I don’t care what type of High Magic or Keys of Solomon people think that they know and are performing, you are still not on my level. This is Illuminati and you are Illumi-NOT.
Now with that being said, since it seems like I have to keep establishing my authority for the public, I would simply like to say that the only difference between the United Nations, Hollywood Illuminati & British Empire (where L Ron Hubbard and Scientology hails from) is the fact that L Ron Hubbard didn’t agree with eugenics or the selective killing of humans that were deemed inferior based on back ground, IQ, life style or race. 
L Ron Hubbard thought that all of human kind was worth while and worth elevating, so in essence L Ron Hubbard was one of the good guys & he fought against the dangers of chemicals,radiation and pharmaceuticals.
  • L Ron Hubbard, came from the same British Satanist circles that has now given us the dangerous field of psychiatry, which was a fraud medical-mental model strictly designed to kill off entire populations via narcotics and pharmaceutical drugs. But L Ron Hubbard had a change of heart and dedicated his early life to fighting off psychiatrists.  The field of psychiatry kills more Americans than HIV-AIDS or violent crime. So, at his core, L Ron Hubbard was trying to undo the Illuminati and their evil (at first) but his organization became corrupt, like nearly all corporations & turned to a “for profit” model at the expense of staying on point.
On the down side, L Ron Hubbard and Scientology did embrace racist concepts (regarding reincarnation), does enforce a subtle form of white superiority and maintains what can only be called labor slavery, which is also very British.
All of the Hollywood Studios operate with the mentality that a few people on top should rule over poor or working poor Union Slaves, which is why Hollywood has some of the poorest Union Members in the world. This is a British Model, UN Model, a Hollywood Model and also a Scientology Model.
Warner Bros likes L Ron Hubbard because the original Warner Brothers, would take classes with Hubbard on British Satanism & like I said, British Satanism is the darkest of all forms & there is nothing nice or fun about it.
If one notices Warner Bros has films with Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers) and even a new film starring Sean Penn and Giovanni Ribisi called Gangsta Squad.  What do Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi have in common? They were both born into the Scientology Cult.  These actors didn’t join Scientology but were born into Scientology & are second generation.
Tom Cruise will often demand to film on the Warner Bros Lot even if the film isn’t being distributed by that studio and he does this because Warner Bros will employ any person or actor that is connected to any occult organization due to some unwritten pact made by the founders of that studio with the Illuminati nearly 80 years ago!
  (Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood)
Now the idiotic Hollywood Scientologist are going to pop up at my home (they have done it before) because I am calling Scientology an occult discipline being that most Scientologist cant believe that I would dare state that their “science” wasn’t all based off of the great mind of L Ron Hubbard, their messiah.
Well, Scientology has a thing called “exteriorization” where the soul or person lives 3 feet behind their physical body.  Metaphysics calls it “Astral Projection” but this “Exteriorization” is nothing more than an old occult technique, where one would split a part of their mind and place it into a vehicle of energy, which was exteriorized from the person’s stomach or chest area.  This is an occult skill and is nothing that L Ron Hubbard came up with from the sheer force of his great mind. 
Nothing in Scientology is original and much of it is based off of L Ron Hubbard’s Occult Training with British Satanist like Alister Crowley.
So, Scientology can be classified in the realm of the occult.  There are entire books that take an occult concept and stretches it into some Scientology mumbo jumbo but the root foundation of the concept is indeed drawn from the occult or demon magic.
Nearly all of the knowledge & technology that we have in practice today came from Fallen Demons or Angels and over time these civilizations (known and unknown) get destroyed but this knowledge or the Illuminati always appears to ride above the collapse.
A final word on Sage Stallone.
Ya know Sly Stallone.  It must be really really sad having to ask your son’s friends about what was going on in your own child’s life.  One of the most pathetic film scenes (pathetic in a good way as far as acting skills) was in American Beauty, when Kevin Spacey’s Character asked his daughter’s best friend in the film about what his daughter’s life was like…”How is she?” I believe was the line. 
(Film Scene, where Spacey asked his daughter’s friend about his own child’s life.  the 3:50 Mark)
How sad that in American Beauty, the daughter was so alienated from her self-absorbed parents that her father had to ask a third party about what his child’s life was like? 
I recall that the Holy Bible (Since Sly is Catholic), warns parents about driving their children to rage against them.
I could be a dick and leave Sly hanging but I wont.  Let me give Stallone peace of mind about his own son.
O.K. First, I feel that those two female cops that sold the Rihanna Photos to the media, should be fired and charged with a crime.  This unholy alliance of systemic corruption that we have in Hollywood regarding cops, judges and paparazzi or tabloid media needs to end. 
Law Enforcement needs to realize that you are not there, sucking up tax payer’s money, to track and stalk celebrities.  Judges need to realize that celebrities aren’t there to be dragged into court for 4 years, just for camera time, when a regular member of the public would have had their case wrapped up in a matter of 4 months.
How in the hell can the LAPD sit around and say that Sage Stallone was a drug dealer, then change their mind and say that Sage Stallone was a drug user because he was “kinda chubby” (A lot of women wanted to be with Sage) and that “chubby people don’t really deal drugs but use them.”  Listen, these cops in L.A. are either over weight, or they have their pants sagging off of their ass or they are jacked up on steroids.  So, I  fail to see how they can make comments like that.

Secondly, I have seen those same empty pill bottles in Sage’s bedroom or bathroom since 2008!  I had a prescription for ambien from some quack doctor in Santa Monica, Ca. and that was back in 2003 and 2004 but yet I still have the empty bottles in my bedroom.  So, simply because a person has empty pill bottles in their home, doesn’t mean that they are dealing drugs or strung out on drugs nor does it mean that they took all of the pills at one time.
Plus, I can name about 7 famous actors that have cocaine stashes in their home and if you use their lap top you see videos called “Chicks with Dicks” down loaded onto their desktop as Icons!  There is one famous actor that makes hidden cam videos with every girl in Hollywood and they dont even know that he shows it to anyone and everyone.
Third, there was a time when I saw Actress Julianne Moore, walking around down town Hollywood near Sunset and Vine at night, and so high on GHB, that I had to call Sage to bring her home. 
I could have called anyone, like Shai Labeouf (thinks he’s a porn star & there would have been a sex tape for sure), or Ryan Reynolds or maybe Solomon, the son of the former Warner Bros Executive that put out Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape but if it would have not been Sage, I promise you that this actress would have been in a sex tape all over the Internet because some other Hollywood Dude could have easily taken her to a hotel room and sold the tape for 5 million dollars in the San Fernando Valley Area of L.A., where they produce the porn films. 
So, if Sage was so bad, then why was he the one to get her home INTACT?  What would have happened if the LAPD had to bring her home?  She would have never made it home. She would have been all over TMZ.Com and her career ruined.
There was yet another time when actress Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman, Bring it On) was high out of her mind, doing stuff that she should have not been doing in public one night & once again Sage got her home. 
I could have a 20 million dollar bank account if I went around taping, filming and selling all of the antics that I see A-List Actors do around Hollywood or in the homes of others.
If Sage did OD on something, then this was something isolated because it wasn’t like he was walking around high and didn’t have a life. 
In conclusion, there are a lot of people from Hollywood that I can embarrass like the fact that Sly Stallone’s current wife has a dam near pharmaceutical corporation in her purse but Sage wasn’t strung out or dealing drugs, as the LAPD and some are saying.
Peace! I am Out!
Its So Hard To Say Good-bye. Good-bye Sage Stallone
UPDATE! (08-30-2012) Sage Stallone DIDNT DIE OF A PILL OVER DOSE but instead he had some freak heart attack that was NOT related to drugs (Which is what I already knew. Sage was not an addict nor was he a drug dealer. The LAPD which started those rumors are fucking disgraceful! And even members of Sage’s own family, that also started rumors are fucking retarded.)
 The Possession is #1 again at the Box Office for Week 2.
Box Office Update (Demons, Shai and Guns Rule the Labor Day Weekend) (The Public only wants to see The Possession, Shai LaBeouf and Expendables because those films are evil & dangerous. They are under the Hollywood Illuminati influence.)
Box Office Report: ‘Possession’ Overperforms, Eyes $21.3 Mil Labor Day Debut
(Actor David Schwimmer from Friends Sitcom is Drake’s secret Jew cousin)
Drake’s Illuminati Hip-Hop Online Comic (ya know Drake is one of these under-cover Jews. So he really evil but still not as evil as Rihanna)
Jewish History and Demonic Possession in Slate Online Publication  (Is the world waking up to Hollywood Mind Control)
Music Award Show parades out their black Satanist…Lil Wayne & Rihanna. (Will there be crack, gay sex, shootings & Satanic Rituals? Who will Rihanna attempt to kill? Will she finish off Chris Brown or Drake? Will Rihanna get possesed & give herself a black eye? Will Rihanna fake cry on Oprah & then go home & get gang banged by Drake, Chris Brown & Rob Kardashian? )
Happy Birth Day Beyonce!(Half of these blacks that remember Beyonce’s B-Day can’t even tell you the surnames or B-Days of their grand parents)
Chuck Norris’ dire warning for America (Chuck Norris says that Obama will bring America 1000 years of darkness!)
What is Hollywood really saying about the alleged Osama Bin Laden Kill in Pakistan & what did Obama leak to Hollywood Big Wigs? (IT NEVER HAPPENED. Bin Laden died 10 years ago!)
Muslims in Egypt perform Satanic Rituals at Music Concert (Black T-Shirts, Satanic Seals & dancing)
 Universal Studios keeping workers in slave like conditions & not paying wages. (The Hollywood Unions and Studio System should be shut down. These people are criminals & they have gotten worse since Comcast took over NBC-UNI. The problem with Hollywood are these scam unions & Comcast)
 The Barry Meyer, Warner Bros Dark Knight Ritual Shooter’s Victims and Families plan to hold a news conference
Barry Meyer and Warner Bros running a scam with the Gov of Colorado and non profits to stop victims from getting donated money (Emm Hmm. Just like I said. This is why I NEVER donate to non-profits)
Victims of the Warner Bros, Dark Knight Shooter question frivolous fundraising efforts and fraud non-profits (all non-profits are frauds)
Ca. State set to pass a Hollywood Film and Tax Credit designed to keep production out of David Duke’s New “KKK’ Orleans (one would imagine that these supposedly progressive liberals in Hollywood wouldn’t want to be supporting apartheid. But they always show their true racist colors)
(Good Job Cali!)
UPDATE! Ca. State Passes Hollywood’s Tax Credit (It should be double the amount but anything that keeps Hollywood from supporting the apartheid city of New Orleans, La. can only help)
The Beauty of Shooting Films in Puerto Rico (Well for starters, it isnt Louisiana and Hollywood Producers wont look like a bunch of David Duke Racist; even though Hollywood is filled with a bunch of token nazis that think they are CIA or United Nations Agents. People need to get a life in Hollywood.)
 Shai LaBeouf says that he will fuck on film for real. His cock going in the bitch’s pussy! (Just like Prince Harry in Vegas)
Shai LaBeouf says, “I drop acid in my films….for reals.” “Cuz I keep it real with my acting.” (Yeah, he keeps it real with that stash in his home also)
Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes- ”Bitch, you aint getting none of my money!” (Thats right Tom. Kick these gold digging bitches to the curb! Katie Holmes knew exactly what she was getting when she married Tom Cruise & now it back fired. Now go & live off of your child support payments like the rest of em.) (Tom Cruise didnt want Katie Holmes in the first place. He only wanted that child and wanted her to raise the child until the baby could use the bath room on her own)
Tom Cruise says, “Bitch you gotta audition to be my wife!” (That’s right Tom. Put those pathetic gold-diggin, wannabe sluts in their place. Make them scrub those toilets! Tom Cruise is a Master Pimp! LMAO!)
Man claims that Steven Speilberg and his producers had 17 dead bodies on film set but of course this innocent man gets crucified by the King Solomon Jewish Owned Media and this Hollywood whistle-blower has now been labeled a stalker along with being slapped with a restraining order! (This is crazy! There are ALWAYS DEAD BODIES on Steven Speilberg’s sets! Satanic Rituals!)
 Santa Monica PD calling Lohan’s Phone over some silly car accident from last year (Even though Lohan has an attorney and these idiot dumb Santa Monica Cops have her attorney’s info, they still insist on calling Lohan’s personal phone and then running back to TMZ.Com with angles. Law Enforcement is fucking criminal along with these LA Mickey Mouse Court Systems. These losers need to get a fucking life on these police dept’s)
Ca. State (already bankrupt, already has dangerous roads, already is polluted from transportation) giving illegal aliens driver licenses (ITS TIME FOR ME TO MOVE!)
New Ca. Bill would defund the issuing of driver licenses to illegal aliens within Ca State ( As if Ca. State doesn’t have enough of smog, drunk drivers, traffic pollution & traffic delays without adding an extra 400,000 illegal aliens onto the 405.)
Ca. State getting mega-high levels of radiation from Japan’s Idiotic Nuclear Plant Explosion (Where is the United Nations? Isnt this something a legit global body should handle? Oh I forget the UN are racist, dumb fucking child molesters)
 Netflix adds NEW Tobey MaGuire Films!! (Did Leo threaten to beat up the CEO if he didn’t stream Tobey’s films?)
Leo & Tobey justify their deep & endless bromance with onscreen collaboration for Warner Bros Studio
 (Jake caught in bubble bath with another man)
 Mila & Ashton at Dodger’s Game, sitting in front row…WITH MILA’s PARENTS!  (Dam! Is it that serious??)
 Got a development deal for one year (Wilmer V. aint gonna take the time from his sex orgies and parties to develop anything. His neighbors already about to bring him to court for that sex orgy ritual room that he added onto his home.)
 Kim Kardashian having 3-somes at Culver City Swinger parties with male & female porn stars (Is there no end to Kim’s nymphomania? She is a professional groupie)
 Rob Kardashian hanging out with the Illuminati Whore of Death (Rihanna’s Pussy has razor blades on it, so I suggest Rob doesn’t stick it in unless he wants to be circumcised & dealing with demons. Why you doing this to yourself Rob?)
Dr. Nassif files for divorce from his wife because he could not reconcile the fact that she had a stank pussy ( I hear that Dr Nassif’s wife pussy stank so bad, that the smell stayed on his cock for 2 months!)
Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker doing shocking Southern Incest Shit (Porno with his mom, the mom flirting with the gay Army Boyfriend and they ”drawing” bath water for sex orgies in Tennessee.
Miley Cyrus gets cast as a hot, young slut on Two & a Half Men Sitcom (So she playing herself)
 ”Hurricane” Katrina Flooding was a MAN MADE GOVERNMENT DISASTER in New Orleans (and had NOTHING to do with a hurricane or global warming)
US Army Corp of Engineers (they aren’t really ”Army” and are barely engineers) in New Orleans are completely incompetent and criminal
Hollywood Actor, Christopher Walken, gives a strange & homo-erotic interview on The Alex Jones Show
 Christopher Walken does a slutty dance in music video (He is a good dancer cuz I cant do those moves)
Catholic Priest chases a little boy down the street in his under-wear ( “Come back to bed!” “Come back to bed!”)
American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, sings Eminem’s New World Order Song..”Lose Yourself”!
Walmart to start selling chemical laced GMO corn, that contains a toxic pesticide made from insects & worms
Monsanto “Frankenstein GMO” Corp, dishes out 4.2 million dollars to defeat a law proposing that Ca. Food is properly labeled (GMO or non-GMO)
Brain Eating Bacteria found in Louisiana Tap Water.  (We also need to make sure that we get this virus onto Hollywood film sets in Louisiana & kill some of these apartheid supporting actors & directors.)
2 People dead from bacteria found at Chicago’s Marriott Hotel (its in the water),0,422041.story
Unlimited Powers of the King Solomon Jews
“We need to shoot & kill the New York Gentiles for my Zionist agenda!”
N.Y.P.D. and the King Solomon Jew, Mayor Bloomberg, commit terrorism by shooting nine N.Y.’ers at the Empire State Building and coming out trying to blame it on a “lone wolf disgruntled shooter”
NYPD Empire State Building Shooting Victims say, “We were all shot by cops!” (Hmmm. Why is the fake corporate propaganda media saying that it was a “lone wolf disgruntled employee”?)
King Solomon billionaire Jew, Bloomberg, endorses fracking near NYC Water Supply (of course he did. Because the idiots in NYC broke the law and elected this tyrant for 3 terms & now he is allowing a gas company to pump chemicals into NYC water aka fracking because Bloomberg, the billionaire, owns shares in many of these natural gas companies. )
“I need to shoot & kill all of these gentiles in Chicago so that I can help the Zionist cause”
19 People shot in Chicago under the King Solomon Jew, Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
Powerful King Solomon Jews, Senator Joe Lieberman & NY’s Chuck Schumer, sponsors a bill which allows the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the US Gov aka “The White House” to appoint political leaders without Senate or Congressional Confirmation. (Keep in mind that while the corporate, lying media is saying “Obama gets this power” in reality, the King Solomon Jews are concentrating this power into the Executive Branch regardless on who happens to be president being that Obama will eventually end his term but this King Solomon Jew Power will be ever lasting!
Dumb Obama Propaganda Docu supposedly making big money at the Box Office (News Flash! Box Office Numbers are faker than CNN’s Neilsen Ratings. None of this is real. Obama has no rage and is nothing more than a puppet for the most racist & radical arms of the British, Northern Europeans and Zionist)
70% of Obama’s Twitter “Followers” are fakes (Twitter is fake. Huff Post Comments and Political Websites’ FB Shares are fake. TV Ratings are faked. Polls are faked! News is faked! Seal Team 6 Bin Laden Kill was faked! Record Sales and film sales are faked! Its all faked!)
The Obama Administration FAKED their deportation numbers of illegal aliens (well everyone knew that Obama & Home Land Sec were faking those numbers because Mexicans are all over the place!)
71% of Lady Gaga’s Twitter Followers are fake (Duhhhh! Lady Gaga isnt anything more than a no talent US Pentagon created distraction that steals other people’s music. Its all fake!)
The criminal US Gov (Repukes) and Obama says buying ”synthetic marijuana” is a crime punishable up to 20 years in jail! (Keep in mind that these are the same people which kills 3 year old babies with drone strikes, molest kids out of Penn State, uses C.P.S. to kidnap kids for “rape rooms” in Texas, hold blood drinking rituals at Bohemian Grove and traffics all of the child sex slaves out the UN)
 CIA running torture prisons around the world that are funded by the U.S. (really its these banker nazis on Wall St, from London and the Northern Europeans)
How to defeat predator cops and prosecutors (The DWI Dude)
Lenny Kravitz cancels concerts in Israel (according to the non-Jewish owned and Zionist-Nazi Soros sponsored JPost)
(Nicole Kidman shows that she can be a young slut too.)
 (Ya know, Lenny Kravitz fucked Nicole Kidman, like 40 times,after Tom Cruise left her. I hear her pussy was poppin and her milkshake brings all the boys to the Out-Back.)
Minnesota Democrat Officials busted having oral sex with a 17 year old boy in the bushes 
Psychiatrist threatens to brainwash U.S. Marine via pharmaceutical & mind control drugs
CIA, US State Dept, UK, Israel, UN funded and backed, Syrian “Rebels” aka “Western Backed Terrorist” are being asked by The Racist West to torture kids and suicide bomb Syrian Citizens.!
The Western Backed and US, Israel, Saudi Arab, UK funded Libyan “rebels” of radical jihadist that over thew Ghadeffi for BP Oil have begun destroying Mosque from 1500′s and tearing down Jewish Gave Sites

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