Robin Hood Fought Cabalist Control of Britain


William Wallace (who died in 1305) fought Knight Templars who were responsible for the growth of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

This group of apostate Catholics had joined forces with Cabbalist Jews,
and was the seedbed for both the English and Scottish Protestant

by Tony Cooper

Tony is co-author of “William Wallace: Robin Hood Revealed”

(Editor’s Note: This essay should be read in conjunction with  “Cabalists Instigated The English Revolution.”)

Britain and Cabalist Ambition

After 1290, the Jews were banished from England on charges of money clipping, and usury.  Thereafter, no one could be domiciled in the land if he were not a Christian. In this connection, the Jewish historian Cecil Roth said, “In England remained the presence of crypto-Judaism.”

Roth believed this partly accounts for why numbers of the English gentry at the time of Henry VIII accepted the Reformation, as well as their preference for Biblical names by the time of Oliver Cromwell.

The false conversion of some Jews to Christianity allowed that fifth column to arise within the Church of England and made easier its severance from Rome.

Circa 1300, the Order of The Knights Templar of the Catholic Church was investigated on charges of heresy.  The complete investigation, lasting almost a decade, was carried out by the Franciscan Order.

This Order of monks was chosen as their vow of absolute poverty prevented any possibility of bribery  influencing the inquisition.  Some Templars who were interrogated confessed to Cabalistic practices that involved spitting upon and desecrating the crucifix in secret ceremonies, and other forms of sacrilege.

Those who were remorseful and sought for absolution were forgiven, receiving penitential sentences.



Other Templars fled Catholic persecution with a haul of wealth.  Evidence of Templar graves in Ireland indicates that Ireland was one of their destinations, besides infiltrating Scotland and England.

The monastic Order of The Knights Templar was dissolved by Rome, and former Templars were reassigned to other Catholic religious Orders.

Scotland and England were distracted from Templar affairs in Europe by the Scottish War of Independence.  The Templars offered military service to each of the warring nations.  Though relatively small in number, some fought at the Battle of Bannockburn on the Scots side.  King Robert the Bruce appreciated their involvement, but little realized he was allowing a poisonous element to remain and develop secretly in Scotland.

rhood.jpegSir William Wallace (Robin Hood) killed the Chief Templar of Scotland, Sir Alexander Wells, and the Chief Templar of England, Sir Brian le Jay, in armed combat at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298. 

The Knights Templar group which left France was responsible for the growth of British Freemasonry that flowered in Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

This group of apostate Catholics had joined forces with Cabbalist Jews, and was the seedbed of both the English and Scottish Protestant Reformations.  Many British politicians are members of the Royal Arch Degree, the modern day Knights Templar degree. I was thus informed by a reliable source with links to Freemasonry.

The Templar’s contribution to that Scots’
victory has been greatly exaggerated by present-day Freemasonry.
Numbers of those Freemasons who belong to The Royal Arch Degree attend
the annual Bannockburn Day, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond being
a regular attendee.


In the mid 16th. century, John Knox had clashed with Mary of Guise, the mother of Mary Queen of Scots.

challenged him to his face by stating ” This ‘Reformation’ is not a
reformation of the Christian religion but a bold bid for worldly

Knox responded in his pseudo-prophetic manner by
claiming that the Queen Regent would be punished by Heaven and die an
agonizing death.
This came about, with a death that looked suspiciously like poisoning.   (Andrew Lang’s History of John Knox exposes Knox for the liar, murderer, and coward that he was.)

after the death of Mary of Guise, several European Catholic kings and
queens died similar agonizing deaths, possibly organized from Calvin’s
Geneva base from whence Knox had emerged. The execution of the Catholic
Mary Queen of Scots was later carried out by the enemies of Scotland and
Christianity.  Calvin’s original name was John Cauin, probably a French
mis-spelling for Cohen. (See  “Catholics Unveiled Masonic Jewish Plot”) 

How Scotland Was Lost.

Employing the Protestant Reformation in Scotland as a means to divide and conquer, the Cabalists created the conditions for an eventual takeover.

This was completed after the ‘Glorious Revolution’ (1688) when they finally usurped the Stuart dynasty placing their puppet king the Dutchman William, Prince of Orange, on the British throne.

The conspiracy was financed by their front-man in Amsterdam, Abraham Sausso.  William had agreed to handing over control of money issue by an Act of the British Parliament thus creating a ‘national debt’ for  England through the creation of a private company which the conspirators named The Bank of England. They gave it the appearance of a national bank which represented the king’s authority by retaining the king’s head on its coinage.  The Federal Reserve Bill was similarly used in 1913 to gain control of the USA.

In 1707, their agents in the Scots Parliament voted for political union with England, against the wishes of the majority of Scots. Once completed, the Scottish Mint and Scots Parliament were closed, and Scotland too was saddled with a national debt.

The Jacobites continued to oppose the reign of William of Orange, striving for the return of the rightful king.  The Jacobite defeat at the Battle of Culloden was the last battle of the 1745 uprising led by Charles Edward Stuart whom the Scots affectionately called  Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Culloden sealed Scotland’s fate; a genocidal policy against the predominantly Catholic Highland clans swiftly followed.  The prince returned to exile, was unsuccessful in raising a second campaign, and died a broken man.

The Jacobite prince, Charles Edward Stuart’s younger brother, who by the time of Charles’ death was a Cardinal in Rome, declared himself King of Scots.  He became the last in the direct line of Stuart kings.


My brother Paul and I had hoped our Wallace book may have enlightened Scots, and readers in general, as to some of the original causes and manipulative acts behind the religious divide that has separated Scots on Catholic versus Protestant LINES for centuries.  Little did we realize how controlled our modern society is.

The Masonic Establishment was astute. The book contains historical clues that are not to its liking.  They realized that William Wallace had become a global phenomenon due to the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart.

We linked Wallace to the origin of the Robin Hood legend. There existed potential to create a popular demand from readers of that genre.  The Masonic Establishment quickly closed down those avenues for book promotion which they control, preventing any mention of our work in the national Press, only allowing uncontentious PR pieces written by Features Editors.

Freemasonry was making moves to incorporate Wallace’ fame into their
camp, suggestions even being made that he was secretly a Templar.  We
witnessed their growing presence at the annual Wallace Day for a number
of years, but our book put them on the back foot.  Ever since its
publication, they have changed tack and now attack Wallace’ reputation
in newspaper articles and pseudo-historical TV documentaries with the
usual academic ‘experts’ trotted out to defame him.

My brother, Paul Cooper, is quite philosophical about the situation regards Wallace.  “Even if they invent negative propaganda, at least they still find it necessary to talk about him, and that keeps his name out there.  Anyway, the average Scot isn’t buying the Masonic lie. Better for Wallace to be talked about than to be forgotten; the truth always comes out in the end.”

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