Rick Koerber ~ Ammon & Ryan Bundy abused again, brought to court in shackles 10/24/17

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News Story Source: YouTube.Com – J Grady

URGENT & IMPORTANT: Renewed Inmate ABUSE and Violations of basic Rights in USA v. Bundy.

Join me tonight at 9 pm (Pacific) on FB live – I'll provide an update on how Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy were abused and bloodied by Federal Marshalls over the last 24 hours, how their father was fully shackled and punished for not remaining silent after being forced to witness the physical abuse of his sons. I'll also describe how Federal District of Nevada Judge Gloria Navarro refused the request of these defendants – standing, bloodied and beaten – in open court, to take the names of the Marshalls identified as being involved, and refused to allow defense attorneys to take pictures of the open flesh wounds – to document the abuse, and further refused to order the Marshalls and court staff to preserve evidence (including specifically court video recordings of the incident(s)). Judge Navarro also refused to allow a full record to be made by Ammon, Ryan and Cliven, referred t
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