Return Engagements (Book One) PART 24… in which I become Gabriel Ruis

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
Picking up from Part 23, in which I seeded the rebellion.

The next day I moved all my photos out of Mike's apartment and put them back in a safe deposit box. I also told young Mike that I'd be out of town for a few weeks.

I had to be prepared for the FBI to crosscheck the likely arrival dates of Dorothy's material to flights in and out of New York. That would put "Michael Burroughs" on their list. The only ID I had was the driver's license Mike got me in Vegas, and that was the name I used for travel. And that meant a visit to Mike Jr.'s house and my present apartment were serious possibilities.

And so were the safe deposit boxes I was using. Everything was "Michael Burroughs," and while they probably wouldn't get to the boxes right away, there had to be supreme pressure on this. I couldn't leave my best evidence where it could be grabbed.

And so I went to the immigrants.

In particular, I drove my car to 26th Street, to the
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