Resumption of Going-Nowhere JCPOA Talks Ahead

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Resumption of Going-Nowhere JCPOA Talks Ahead

by Stephen Lendman 

In May 2018, the Trump regime killed the landmark agreement, complicit E3 partners going along.

After usurping power by election-rigging, Biden regime hardliners drove another nail into the JCPOA's corpse that exists in name only.

Their actions flagrantly breached unanimously adopted Security Council Res. 2231, making the landmark agreement binding international and US constitutional law.

Six rounds of talks in Vienna from April to June on breathing new life into the moribund agreement accomplished nothing.

Following Ebrahim Raeisi's landslide election triumph to become Iran's new president on June 18 — succeeding two-term incumbent Hassan Rouhani in August —  further JCPOA talks were suspended.

On Wednesday, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister/chief JCPOA negotiator Ali Baqeri-Kani tweeted the following:

"(H)ad a very serious &
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