Republican Buffoons Have Handed the Nomination to Hillary; Let’s Examine Her Record

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Feature Article by Ivan Eland
Although given that her track record during the two years that she was in charge of the country was disastrous, if re-elected, she probably wouldn't be any worse at being president than George W. Bush. Of course, that is damning her by very faint praise. Nevertheless, Hillary deserved better than the abuse and demagoguery she got at the Benghazi hearing in the House of Representatives.

Before people think that I learned American history in a parallel universe or at least at the University of Mars, I should clarify my previous text. Conventional wisdom is that the United States has never had a female leader, which is just not true. During the almost year-and-a-half from October 1919, when then-President Woodrow Wilson had an incapacitating stroke, to March 1921, when his second term expired, his wife, the un-elected Edith Wilson, secretly ran the country. The reins of power should have passed to the vice president, but Mrs. Wilson hid the extent of the president's medical deb
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