Reinventing Charlatan, Fraudster, Genocidist, Profiteer Fauci

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Reinventing a Charlatan, Fraudster, Genocidist, Profiteer

by Stephen Lendman

Whatever scant credibility National Geographic (NG) may have once had was lost by its fake news "documentary" attempt to transform an arch-criminal menace into a superhero, a patron saint of science he long ago abandoned in favor of Pharma profiteering, his own self-interest, and mockery of what public health should be all about.

There's nothing remotely truth-telling about the film, titled "Fauci." 

Airing on the pro-toxic mass-jabbing Disney channel, the diabolical measure of the man is suppressed.

Ignoring his Big Lies and mass deception, his support for depopulation on an unparalleled scale and social control tyranny, NG falsely called him "a world-renowned infectious disease specialist (sic) and longest-serving (US) public health leader (sic)."

Along with attempting to reinvent a public health monster — a figure involve
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