Real Men Would Defend US Women


Real men would defend US women from the onslaught of feminism and the satanic Illuminati media. Cowards enjoy their degradation or run off to Asia.

by BG

Jo said (February 17, 2012):
“It takes two to tango. Women are the problem because you don’t want to stand up and tell the woman hitting on you that she’s nasty and needs to change for you to be interested. Yea, you’ll probably tick off a lot of women, but you know what, I’m sick of hearing you guys complain that nothing is changing ***when you won’t stand up and be part of the solution.”*** (asterisks added by me)…


Amen, Jo!  A brief true story from my “Rocky Mountain Ski Town” years in the 1970s to backup what Jo said:

I was casually acquainted with a blonde girl, “Sherry,” who ended up “joined to the hip,” mind, body & soul, with a cute blonde guy named Roger.  They were always together, two peas in a pod, very happy.  I can still see their glowing faces & feel their joy, wrapped arm in arm as they always were when seen together.  (They even got married which was unheard of out there since it was “Party Town USA” & well-known for its night life.)  How did they find each other?  They both told me their story: 

Sherry was crazy-drunk one night at one of the many bars & proceeded to disrobe herself from the waist up!  This was long before the “Spring Break Girls Gone Wild” videos in later decades, but evidently she was acting the same way that night, “flashing her wares” to the cheering crowd in the bar.  Roger, just a spectator & complete stranger to her at the time, was ghastly horrified at her actions & felt cut-to-the-heart-humiliation FOR HER, & said he could not fathom what would make a girl degrade herself in such a public manner. 

So Roger pushed his way through the crowd, got right up to Sherry in her drunken state, took off his jacket, put it on her to cover her nakedness, grabbed her arm & marched her right out of that “live porn” scene.  (He did not do this so he could take her home & “get some,” but because he actually cared about what this stranger was doing to herself.) 

Sherry radiated (literally glowed) when re-telling how Roger had become HER EVERLASTING HERO at that instant, a man who actually cared about her well-being (out of hundreds of men in that bar) when she was “out of it”; & who actually DID something about it:  He protected her & STOOD UP *FOR* HER (which is what every woman wants in their heart) & she was in awe & madly in love with him for doing so.  Roger became “HER MAN” — a man with a heart AND a backbone.  And he, also glowing, relished in her ADMIRATION of him because of it. 

They were so cute together.  I loved their story (“WHAT A NEAT GUY!” I always thought when I would remember them over the next 35-years).  Chivalry works, fellas!  Try it!  Even if in less dramatic circumstances, a woman will NEVER forget the times you *STOOD UP* FOR HER. … And on the converse, she will always remember (with much pain) the times you DIDN’T.           

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