"Oregon To Become First State To Mandate Universal Home Visits Of All Families…”

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News Story Source: healthimpactnews.com
"Oregon Governor Kate Brown has submitted her 2-year budget proposal to the Oregon state legislature, and it includes several health initiatives aimed at children's behavioral (mental) health under the oversight of the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon's Coordinated Care Organizations, a 'uniquely Oregon approach to blending a wide array of health services under one umbrella.'

One of the key pieces of Governor Brown's legislation is: the beginning investment in a six-year program to create universal home visits for new parents… The Beaverton Valley Times interviewed Patrick Allen, the director of the Oregon Health Authority, who reportedly expressed excitement at the prospect of requiring home visits of all new parents, including adoptive parents:

When the program is complete, every new parent — this includes adoptions — would receive a series of two or three visits by someone like a nurse or other health care practitioner.

The visi
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