Putin Straight Talk

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Putin Straight Talk

by Stephen Lendman

He's refreshingly forthright and straightforward – saying what he means and meaning what he says. Compare him with Obama: 

a serial liar with no credibility, disgracing the office he holds, heading a neocon-infested administration, waging war on humanity at home and abroad;

a war criminal belonging in prison;

nominally heading a police state apparatus, spying on everyone without just cause;

operating the world's largest gulag, a global enterprise filled with political prisoners;

serving monied interests exclusively at the expense of ordinary people, suffering from forced-fed austerity;

systematically destroying America's social contract; thirdworldizing the nation, leaving tens of millions impoverished, unemployed or underemployed, food insecure, with growing numbers homeless;

responsible for making America the world's leading pariah state, universally reviled for
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