Putin and Trump Talk, Nothing Changes

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Putin and Trump Talk, Nothing Changes

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Both leaders reportedly spoke for around 90 minutes on Friday, "at the initiative of the American side," according to the president of Russia's web site, explaining:

Discussion focused on the "current (dismal) state and prospects of bilateral relations," including for "economic cooperation," adding:

"The two presidents spoke in favor of developing mutually beneficial trade and investment relations. They affirmed their shared commitment to step up dialogue in various areas, including on issues of strategic stability."

The situation on the Korean peninsula, Ukraine, and Venezuela was discussed, likely endless war in Syria as well — though the latter issue wasn't mentioned.

Putin urged concrete steps toward "long-term normalization on the Korean Peninsula…tak(ing) real steps to imp
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