Puerto Rico Declares Bankruptcy

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Puerto Rico Declares Bankruptcy

by Stephen Lendman

Colonized and exploited by America since 1898, its people, governor and other officials are powerless – ruled by US administrations and Congress.

Islanders have no control over their lives, welfare and destiny, no say over foreign relations, commerce, trade, air space, land and offshore waters, immigration and emigration, nationality and citizenship, currency, maritime laws, military service, US bases on its territory, constitutionality of its laws, jurisdictions and legal procedures, treaties, radio and television, communications, agriculture, natural resources and more.

For nearly 120 years, it's been victimized by US imperial rapaciousness. Things finally came to head financially. Puerto Rico is bankrupt, though can't declare it under US law.

It's a wasteland of high unemployment, poverty and deprivation. Force-fed austerity exacerbates dire economic conditions. 

Islanders a
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